Snail slime: effective and versatile natural remedy

Among the most popular natural remedies? Snail slime!

Snail slime , among the natural remedies that nature offers against various problems, is one of the most surprising and versatile elixirs.

While the idea may initially arouse surprise or skepticism, it is impossible not to be fascinated by the numerous beneficial properties of this substance.

Used for centuries in various traditions and cultures, snail slime has attracted the attention of the scientific community for its benefits in the cosmetic and medical fields.

This article first explores the composition of snail slime and, subsequently, the various areas of application of this substance as a natural remedy.

The special composition of snail slime

The snail slime of the Helix Aspersa Muller species is rich in functional substances for the human skin and mucous membranes . It is exactly the presence of these beneficial substances that has made it so requested and known in cosmetics and medicine.

Specifically, snail slime contains:

  • allantoin: promotes skin regeneration and has a soothing, protective and healing action;
  • glycolic acid: natural exfoliant, promotes cell turnover, i.e. the replacement of "old" cells with new cells;
  • collagen: provides elasticity, firmness and tone to the dermis and participates in cell turnover;
  • elastin: gives elasticity to the skin, together with the possibility of deforming when subjected to mechanical tension;
  • vitamin C: antioxidant that helps prevent premature skin aging and delay the signs of oxidative stress, such as wrinkles, loss of skin tone and dull complexion;
  • vitamin E: has an antioxidant action and promotes cell renewal, counteracting the signs of aging;
  • vitamin A: promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin and has an anti-inflammatory action;
  • mucoproteins: perform various biological functions, including antimicrobial and lubricating action.

The composition of snail slime is well known in the scientific field: it is therefore the subject of numerous studies which highlight its potential as a natural remedy against various problems.

Let's see which ones below.

Snail slime for wrinkles: is it an effective remedy?

Snail slime as a remedy for women's wrinkles

Several studies have noted an improvement in skin tone, elasticity and firmness after applying snail slime creams, as well as a significant improvement in the appearance of wrinkles .

These benefits were seen just 4 weeks after starting treatment. ( )

Although it is necessary to conduct further research to demonstrate that snail slime is a natural remedy against wrinkles , we can state that its richness in collagen, allantoin, elastin and vitamins makes it an excellent adjuvant in anti-aging and nourishing treatments.

In fact, the active ingredients contained in the secretion of the snails contribute to improving the hydration of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and promoting skin regeneration. This could lead to a decrease in wrinkles and slowing down the aging process. 

Snail slime as a remedy for dry skin

Can we include snail slime among the remedies for dry skin? The answer is yes.

Numerous scientific studies, including the following: Dosage of Bioactive Molecules in the Nutricosmeceutical Helix aspersa Muller Mucus and Formulation of New Cosmetic Cream with Moisturizing Effect , demonstrate how the use of cosmetics with snail slime helps keep the skin hydrated and soft .

During the aforementioned study, researchers monitored the effects of acream with snail slime at different concentrations (from 2 to 10%) on women aged between 20 and 65. The mucus used in the creams was taken from snails of the Helix Aspersa Muller species bred in Italy, specifically in Campania.

The results showed that with the increase in the concentration of snail slime, the loss of transepidermal water decreased, with a significant improvement in skin hydration .

It is hypothesized that these improvements are due to the combined action of glycolic acid (which exfoliates the outer layers of the skin) and allantoin (an extremely hydrating substance) naturally present in snail slime.

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Snail slime for pimples and oily skin

As previously mentioned, snail slime is rich in functional substances, including:

  • mucoproteins with protective action against chemical agents and bacteria,
  • allantoin with soothing action,
  • glycolic acid with exfoliating action.

These components are extremely useful in products specifically for oily, combination and acne-prone skin because they can help reduce redness, decrease the appearance of pimples and the accumulation of impurities and reduce the incidence of acne scars.

Snail slime can be considered an adjuvant to restore the balance of the skin and the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Furthermore, allantoin promotes skin regeneration, with a potential benefit for the recovery of skin affected by acne.

Snail slime and stretch marks

Stretch marks are alterations of the skin layers clinically referred to as "distended striae" and "atrophic striae". In simple words, they are phenomena similar to scars and the use of particular drugs, when the elasticity of the skin is insufficient to compensate for sudden changes in the body.

Since snail slime is rich in hydrating and regenerating substances, it could help improve the elasticity of the skin , reducing the risk of the appearance of stretch marks.

Additionally, the regenerating and healing properties of allantoin can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Of course, the action of snail slime and cosmetics against stretch marks can alleviate the problem, but cannot solve it completely. The laser, in this case, is the most effective solution for those who suffer from obvious and deep stretch marks and want to eliminate them.

Snail slime as a cough remedy

Snail slime among cough remedies

Among the most popular natural remedies against coughs we find the slime extracted from the snails of the Helix Pomatia or Helix Aspersa species, so much so that on the market there is a wide range ofsnail slime syrups for dry and oily coughs.

The snails in question produce a mucus rich in beneficial substances, including lytic enzymes and mucopolysaccharides.

The former appear to be responsible for the thinning of the mucus which can obstruct the airways during the evolution of a disease. This promotes faster elimination of mucus from the bronchi, reducing its volume and increasing its fluidity.

On the other hand, mucopolysaccharides play an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic role, contributing to the reconstruction of the bronchial and pharyngeal epithelium.

Snail slime for wounds and ulcers

Numerous studies have shown that snail mucus actively contributes to the wound healing process and that mucins from the garden snail, Helix Aspersa , promote skin regeneration especially following acute radiodermatitis, a common complication of radiotherapy.

Furthermore, the application of snail slime has also been useful in several studies relating to the treatment of erythema and signs of photoaging in laboratory mice.

In addition to superficial wounds, snail mucus has also been shown to be effective for internal wounds . In particular, it has been shown that the combination of snail slime in association with the use of NSAIDs reduces the side effects of the same drugs, such as gastrointestinal damage and liver ulcers.

In conclusion

Snail slime is an excellent natural remedy against various skin and mucous membrane problems.

In particular, it is particularly effective in regenerating and hydrating the skin , healing wounds and thinning mucus in case of cough.

Currently, the secretion of snails is the subject of numerous studies in the medical and cosmetic fields, and it would not surprise us if research uncovered further benefits of this fantastic natural substance.


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