Snail slime body creams

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Beneficial effects of snail slime body creams

Snail slime, naturally rich in collagen and allantoin, works in synergy with the functional ingredients of the Nuvò Body Creams, making the skin soft, nourished and moisturised. Nuvò snail body creams are deep-acting and long-lasting and leave the skin silky smooth until the day following the application..

Snail slime, rich in active ingredients such as glycolic acid and elastin, helps make the skin more elastic, toned and youthful. It is also an excellent ingredient in the prevention or reduction of stretch marks.

The glycolic acid and allantoin present in snail slime perform a natural exfoliation of the skin surface layers and promote the replacement of dead cells with the new ones, as well as tissue regeneration.

Snail slime body creams and gels, 100% Made in Italy

The right choice? Nuvò Cosmetic

Nuvò offers you the best body creams with snail slime, developed entirely in Italy and rich in functional ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, almond oil and argan oil.

Each cream is dedicated to the well-being and beauty of the skin and is designed to solve different problems: whether you have dry skin, cellulite or swollen legs, you will find the right product for you!

Best snail slime creams: a guide to the correct choice

Snail slime cream? Your guide to an informed choice Snail slime has been used in cosmetics for about 10 to 15 years but its cosmetic qualities have only recently been...

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