Snail slime against cellulite

Treating cellulite with snail slime


Used in cosmetics as the main ingredient in serums, face creams, body creams and even anti-cellulite creams, snail slime has proved to be an exceptional product.

In particular, snail slime contains:

  • Allantoin, nourishing, protective and capable of regenerating the epidermal layers
  • Collagen, makes the skin toned and soft.
  • Glycolic acid, stimulates collagen and elastin production in the dermis and promotes cell regeneration. It also performs an effective exfoliating action
  • Elastin: provides elasticity and firmness to the skin
  • Mucopolysaccharides: moisturise the skin and support the tissues
  • Vitamin C and E, have a powerful antioxidant action.

This an anti-cellulite cream, containing a high percentage of snail slime, has an extra edge: the skin is firmer and more moisturised after use.

As it is not an ingredient that reduces cellulite and related imperfections, snail slime must be accompanied by other functional active ingredients.

The perfect ingredients in an anti-cellulite cream

Although it is a common belief that cellulite is a consequence of a high body fat percentage, the truth is otherwise.

The main cause of cellulite is poor microcirculation which, in turn, often results from hormonal, lymphatic and vascular alterations.

It is no coincidence that many people, especially women, with a low body fat percentage suffer from cellulite, which is precisely an inflammation of the panniculus adiposus. In overweight people,this problem is even more pronounced as the panniculus adiposus is thicker.

To reduce or eliminate cellulite, it is therefore pivotal to work on the microcirculation and regularly massage the affected areas with a specific cream.

Here are the ingredients that help deflate and reduce inflammation in the area:

  • Caffeine: promotes normal microcirculation and helps reduce water retention
  • Vitamin C: has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • Brown seaweed: for a draining, toning and slimming action
  • Escin, having anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective properties, it promotes correct microcirculation

Use Lipocream the Cosmetic anti-cellulite massage cream, to combat orange peel skin!

Beauty routine

Flavonoid-rich foods

Flavonoids, such as diosmin and hesperidin, promote proper microcirculation, helping to reduce cellulite. They are mainly found in citrus fruits and in supplements dedicated to the wellbeing of microcirculation.

Anti-cellulite cream massage

Use Lipocream Nuvò to massage the areas affected by cellulite. Apply it regularly with a circular massage from the bottom upwards in order to foster microcirculation and absorption of the anti-cellulite active ingredients.

A healthy lifestyle

Tight clothing, an unbalanced diet, smoking, alcohol, poor hydration and a sedentary lifestyle are all factors that promote inflammation of the adipose tissue and the onset of orange peel skin.

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