Snail slime for combination skin

Treat combination skin with snail slime

What makes snail slime effective for combination skin?

Combination skin is an uneven skin type, with alternating areas of dry skin and areas of oily (and therefore shiny) skin, especially in the so-called T-zone: nose, forehead and chin.

This is the most common skin type but, at the same time, the most difficult to treat due to its special nature. Nevertheless, snail slime is an excellent ingredient for cosmetics designed for combination skin.

Indeed, being rich in nutrients and regenerators such as allantoin, glycolic acid and proteins, it promotes cell turnover and nourishes the skin, helping the hydrolipid film to rebalance itself.

Although some areas are oily, combination skin needs to be moisturised and treated with sebum-normalising ingredients that should be combined with snail slime in the daily skincare routine.

The most suitable cosmetic products for combination skins

Cosmetics for combination skin should be rich in nutrients that moisturise without weighing down, such as argan oil, which is non-greasy and absorbs quickly, and jojoba oil, an excellent sebum-regulator.

The secret is to exfoliate but not too frequently, cleanse daily and moisturise without greasing. Following these little rules, here are the best products to be used for combination skin:

  • Snail slime face scrub to be applied once a week to thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove dead cells, impurities and sebum from the pores.
  • Snail slime face cleansing milk to be used every day, morning and evening, and then rinsed off thoroughly. It helps remove sebum and impurities, while acting as a moisturizer at the same time, thanks to the richness of snail slime, hyaluronic acid and argan oil.
  • Remedial Seruml, a face serum for impure skin rich in 90% snail slime, mandelic acid (antibacterial and sebum-regulator), burdock extract (purifying), Niacinamide (astringent for enlarged pores), tea tree oil (antibacterial), lavender essential oil (sebum-regulator). Alternatively, you can opt for pure snail slime serum and take advantage of its nourishing, purifying and protective action.
  • Face Cream with snail slime 80%, ideal for combination skin because it is made with light oils that ale quickly absorbed by the skin. It also moisturises dry areas of the face and nourishes oily areas, allowing them to normalise.

Beauty routine

Exfoliate the skin only once a week

Use a cleansing milk to remove excess sebum and moisturise dry areas

Apply the rebalancing serum and a ight moisturising cream

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