Snail Slime Face Serums

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Benefits of snail slime face serums

Snail slime does not only contain allantoin that stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, but also vitamin C and E that counteract the action of free radicals. The synergic action of these active ingredients helps to make the skin younger, firmer and more elastic.

Nuvò serums are rich in slime and many other moisturising ingredients that instantly make the skin soft and velvety. Furthermore, snail slime is rich in proteins that promote tissue oxygenation and hydration.

Thanks to the presence of glycolic acid, snail slime performs a natural exfoliating action, facilitating the removal of dead cells and imperfections such as skin blemishes and accumulations of impurities.

Snail slime face serums, 100% Made in Italy

The right choice? Nuvò Cosmetic

Nuvò offers you a complete line of face serums with snail slime, enriched with other natural and highly functional ingredients.

Nuvò Cosmetic face serums contain a very high concentration of snail slime (from 80% to over 90%) and promote the well-being and beauty of the skin thanks to the synergy of their active ingredients.

Each product is designed to combat very specific problems: wrinkles, skin spots, puffiness and dark circles, dryness, pimples and much more.

Choose the right ones for you and use them in combination with the snail slime face creams to enhance their effect!

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