Snail slime for oily skin

Treating oily skin with snail slime

What makes snail slime exceptional for oily skin?

Snail slime is a natural product rich in active ingredients beneficial for the skin and excellent for balancing oily skin.

It contains allantoin, proteins including collagen and elastin, vitamins, minerals, glycolic acid, lactic acid, peptides and protease inhibitors, i.e. enzymes that enable immature proteins to acquire their final structure.

In particular, it is allantoin, glycolic acid and peptides that play a key role for oily and impure skin, even acne-prone skin. Here is what they do for your skin:

  • Purify the skin by reducing the accumulation of impurities and dead skin cells;
  • Exfoliate and regenerate the skin by promoting cell turnover, i.e. the life cycle of cells that are born, develop and die on their way up to the superficial skin layer.

Furthermore, snail slime nourishes the skin thoroughly but without leaving it greasy or heavy.

Thanks to these properties, snail slime is considered among the best ingredients for oily skin, and can be combined with other sebum-regulating and purifying active ingredients.

The best snail slime products for oily and impure skins

  • Snail slime face scrub, to be used once a week to smooth the skin and thoroughly remove sebum, impurities and dead cells. In addition to snail slime, it contains purifying, nourishing and astringent ingredients such as primrose oil, nettle extract and hyaluronic acid.
  • Snail slime face cleansener, to be used daily, morning and evening, to remove make-up residues, dust, sebum and impurities accumulated during the day.
  • Remedial serum for impure skins with 90% snail slime and antibacterial, astringent and purifying ingredients such as mandelic acid, Niacinamide, Tea tree oil and lavender essential oil. To be used daily, morning and evening, before face cream.
  • 24 -hour moistursing face cream with 60% snail slime: light, absorbs quickly and makes the skin soft by reducing excess sebum. To be used every day, morning and evening. Don't be afraid to moisturise your oily skin: moisturising gives the skin the right amount of water, not oil! And above all, it gives balance to the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin, helping it to normalise.

Use these products regularly to make your skin look great.

Beauty routine

Face scrub and cleansing milk with snail slime

To remove impurities and excess sebum and unclog skin pores.

Snail slime face serum

To normalise the skin by reducing oiliness and pimples.

Snail Slime face cream

To moisturise but at the same time normalise the skin (dehydrated oily skin produces more sebum).

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