Review Policy

How Nuvò Cosmetic collects and verifies reviews

Since 01/01/2024, the Nuvò Cosmetic brand owned by Dulàc Farmaceutici 1982 SRL has established a system for collecting reviews regarding the products and the purchasing experience through its website,, using the application.

It is underlined that reviews published starting from this date are subject to verification and have the "Verified" badge , affixed by the application, as evidence of the verification. Please note that the badge in question is not susceptible to changes.

It should also be noted that some reviews prior to the aforementioned period were imported from other review systems and, consequently, are not subject to verification by and do not present the distinctive badge.

The review collection process

On the online store, the review collection process is governed by the sending of an invitation email exclusively following a purchase. Customers can express their opinions regarding the online store and the products purchased only through the form received via email.

It is specified that users of the site have no alternatives to write reviews, therefore only those who have made a purchase can evaluate the products and services offered by

Emails inviting you to leave a review are generated by the application seven days after purchase (fourteen days in the case of international shipments).

Once a review has been received, the application marks it as "Verified" using the appropriate badge as it derives from a rating request.

Reviews are published automatically following confirmation by the authors.

If customers do not leave a review following the first request, they will receive a reminder email 7 days after receiving the first email.

Editing reviews

The company Dulàc Farmaceutici 1982 SRL, owner of the Nuvò Cosmetic brand, has the right to make changes to reviews within a maximum limit of thirty characters , in order to moderate offensive terms, correct any typographical errors or hide sensitive data of the reviewer. The author of the review receives a communication via email with which he can express disagreement regarding the change made.

Furthermore, we inform you that the author has the right to rectify the review by changing the name, rating and title.

For further information on the authenticity of reviews and how they are collected, please consult the following link: