Snail Slime Face Scrubs and Cleansers

Nuvò Cosmetic

Benefits of snail slime scrubs and cleansers

Snail slime is rich in glycolic acid and peptides, which counteract the accumulation of impurities on the skin and help eliminate them.

The exfoliating action is performed not only by the microspheres contained in the Nuvò scrub, but also by the snail slime itself. In fact, the presence of glycolic acid favours a natural peeling of the skin.

Nuvò snail slime scrubs and cleansers do not dry out the skin, as they are rich in moisturising ingredients including the protein- and vitamin-rich snail slime itself.

Exfoliants and cleansers based on snail slime, 100% Made in Italy

The right choice? Nuvò Cosmetic

Nuvò Cosmetic offers you a valuable line of snail slime facial scrubs and cleansers, enriched with natural and highly functional active ingredients.

The exfoliating scrub, suitable for all skin types, smoothes and purifies the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and moisturised.

The facial cleansing milk, also ideal for sensitive skins, combines snail slime with 8 other purifying, nourishing and soothing active ingredients.

Both products are certified organic, dermatologically tested and nickel tested.

Try them now and you'll see that you won't be able to do without them!

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