Snail slime for dry, frizzy hair

Treating brittle and dehydrated hair with snail slime

What makes snail slime exceptional for hair?

Snail slime, rich in nutrients such as elastin, collagen, allantoin, proteins and vitamins, also performs an effective restorative and repairing action on the hair. It is therefore a key ingredient for masks and conditioners.

Working in synergy with other ingredients such as vegetable keratin, hyaluronic acid and almond oil, snail slime makes your hair soft, detangled and shiny.

Nourishing hair products are applied to wet or damp hair and left on for a few minutes.

The laying time allows the active ingredients to act and penetrate into the hair to effectively carry out their repairing and nourishing action.

The ideal hair care routine

In addition to cleansing your hair regularly to remove sebum, impurities and dead cells, we recommend using the snail slime hair mask 2 to 3 times a week if your hair is thick ,and once a week if your hair is thin.

The ingredients contained in the mask repair the hair, eliminate frizz and deeply nourish. Your hair will be shiny and soft as ever!

Beauty routine

Step 1 - Natural shampoo

Step 2 - Moisturising balm

Step 3 - Snail slime hair mask

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