Body and Hair Products with Snail Slime

Nuvò Cosmetic

Benefiicial effects of snail slime for your skin and hair

Being rich in collagen and many other proteins, snail slime helps to make your skin and hair more nourished, moisturised and soft.

Thanks to its high glycolic Acid content, snail slime performs an excellent exfoliating action, improving the skin and scalp. The natural peeling helps remove dead cells, oxygenating the tissues and keeping them smooth and soft.

The allantoin contained in snail slime stimulates the production of elastin and collagen and the subsequent repair of the skin and scalp.


The right choice? Nuvò Cosmetic

Nuvò offers you a wide range of body and hair care products containing 100% Made in Italy snail slime and enriched with highly functional active ingredients. Try the body cream, the anti-cellulite cream, the heavy legs gel and the Nuvò Cosmetic hair mask: your skin and hair will thank you!

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