bava di lumaca pura nuvò cosmetic
benefici bava di lumaca pura nuvo cosmetic
bava di lumaca pura nuvò cosmetic
benefici bava di lumaca pura nuvo cosmetic

Pure Snail Slime Serum - Pure Nuvò 50ml

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  • Pure hand-extracted snail slime
  • Dual dispensers: dropper and spray
  • Made in Italy

Pure Nuvò snail slime serum is an intensive skin care treatment that allows you to benefit from the beneficial properties of snail slime, known for its nourishing, regenerating, exfoliating and antioxidant action.

It is particularly useful for reducing skin blemishes and scars, soothing acne and pimples, moisturising the face and reducing wrinkles and stretch marks. Thanks to the dual dispenser provided (dropper and spray), you can use the serum on both your face and body.

Use pure snail slime regularly for a more beautiful, youthful and even-toned skin!


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Pure hand-extracted snail slime,100% Made in Italy

Pure Nuvò is Nuvò Cosmetic's pure snail slime serum, whose exclusive active ingredient is hand-extracted and stabilised snail slime.

Manual extraction is a technique that does not harm the animals which, once the procedure has been carried out, are returned to thei outdoor farms located in the hills near Lake Garda.

Once extracted, the ingredient is filtered, micro-filtered and stabilised, so as to keep its properties and active ingredients intact.

Snail slime is rich in beneficial nutrients for the skin: proteins (including collagen and elastin), glycolic acid, mucopolysaccharides, allantoin and vitamins.

Thanks to these nutrients, pure snail slime performs the following actions on your skin:

  • moisturizes
  • protects
  • regenerates
  • exfoliates

Last but not least, it helps your skin rebalance itself and solve problems such as acne, skin spots and dryness.

Pure snail slime serum is a true health treatment for face and body: use it every day, on a regular basis, and you won't be able to do without it anymore!

Snail slime hand-extraction

Nuvò snail slime is cruelty-free extracted from the animal: the snail's foot, i.e. the visible portion of the body that lies outside the shell, is stimulated by hand, without using any harmful saline solution or electric shock.

Before being marketed, the product is filtered and microfiltered in order to guarantee our customers the highest degree of purity.

  • How shall I use pure snail slime? Choose your favorite dispenser (spray or dropper) and apply the serum to the entire face and/or specific areas of the body. Let the serum absorb into the skin before applying another product, such as a face cream.
  • Does the product have an expiry date? No, being a cosmetic it has a PAO (time of use after opening the product), in this case 6 months.
  • What makes it different from other serums? Pure Nuvò's only active ingredient is pure snail slime while the other Nuvò Cosmetic snail slime serums contain other active ingredients aimed at treating specific problems (e.g. wrinkles, acne, skin spots, etc.).

Pure snail slime
Snail slime is used in cosmetics for its moisturising, regenerating and soothing action on the skin. Thanks to the presence of allantoin, collagen, elastin and glycolic acid, it helps reduce wrinkles and skin imperfections such as pimples, skin spots and enlarged pores.

SNAIL SECRETION FILTRATE, PHENETHYL ALCOHOL, CAPRYLYL GLYCOL *(phenethyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol) preservatives required to maintain the product over time.



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