Why is removing make-up important for a healthy skin?

Here is why we should remove make-up and cleanse our face every night before going to sleep

You should never forget that in the evening, when returning from work or from a thousand daily commitments, it is essential to remove make-up in order to preserve the beauty and health of your face skin. Forgetting to remove make-up, or doing so sloppily, can lead to annoying problems such as unaesthetic blackheads, a dull complexion and the premature appearance of wrinkles.

Did you know that snail slime cleansing milk by Nuvò Cosmetic is an excellent make-up remover? Gentle and yet effective, it helps remove impurities and make-up leaving the skin clean and soft thanks to the action of snail slime and hyaluronic acid!

Premature skin ageing: one of the most serious consequences of not removing make-up

Skin ageing is certainly among the most feared and obvious effects found among those who rely on make-up, especially when this practice is not accompanied by thorough daily cleansing.

But what is needed to remove make-up in the best possible way? First of all, a good make-up removal product, such as biphasics and micellar waters, and some kind of support to be used to physically remove make-up, such as the classic cotton pads, and a little bit of patience.

Spending a few minutes on this daily routine and concluding it by cleansing the face with a gentle cleansing milk that removes all make-up residues and impurities, helps your skin stay healthy. Nuvò cleansing milk is the right solution for you!

latte detergente struccante alla bava di lumaca

One of the areas requiring your utmost attention is the eye area where the skin is very delicate.

That is why it is always a good idea to follow a few specific steps.

Eye make-up removal

First wet the cotton pad or cloth with make-up remover, then place it on your eyelids and let it act for a couple of minutes.

The action of the product will enable the make-up to be transferred from your face to the cotton pad. To remove it completely, simply massage or dab gently, without rubbing. Any residue will then be removed with a further swipe of the product or a simple soaked cotton pad.

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Nuvò daily skincare and products

Snail slime serums and creams, by Nuvò Cosmetic -an Italian company committed in the production of snail slime cosmetics - contain active ingredients that nourish and make the skin beautiful and radiant.

The type of snail used for this purpose is the Aspersa Muller, a gastropod that is fed and grown in constantly controlled outdoor farms according to cruelty-free practices.

Two specific types of mucus can be obtained from these animals:  the first is secreted to avoid chafing with the ground and keep the areas that come into direct contact with it moist ,while the second is produced under stressful conditions.

It is the latter that is of cosmetic interest: the stressful condition is simulated through stimulation by means of an instrument, such as a wooden stick, which does not cause any harm to the snail.

As previously mentioned, this slime contains specific active ingredients, such as glycolic acid, allantoin, elastin, collagen and mucopolysaccharides, which, synergistically intervene in the biological processes and help maintain the correct homeostasis of the skin. A Nuvò Cosmetic snail slime cream can, for example, act on irritated skin and, thanks to its soothing effect, lead to a resolution of the problem within a few days.

Other beneficial effects of the serums and creams listed in the catalogue include illuminating, nourishing, regenerating, moisturising, antioxidant properties, as well as protection against free radicals.

For optimal results, we recommend to use the chosen product at least once a day for a sufficient period of time to notice a real change.

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