Aloe vera: an essential ingredient in cosmetics

 What is Aloe Vera and how is it obtained for use in cosmetics?

How is aloe vera extracted? Aloe vera, also known by its scientific name as aloe bardensis miller, is a medicinal plant from South America, especially the Dominican Republic. It is widely used as an ingredient in phytotherapeutic compounds.

Its main characteristic is its ability to adapt easily to different climates and soils as it grows practically everywhere. The plant is obviously not used as it is: basically two elements are extracted from its barbed leaves- namely juice and gel.

As far as this extraction process is concerned, it is carried out by treating the leaves that are covered with a protective sheath containing a layered tissue whose main active ingredients are water prenchyma and aloin.

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The properties of Aloe

Aloe is widely used in products for cosmetic applications, but it can also be taken in the form of drinks. This is due to its unique properties that prove beneficial for a large number of problems.

First of all, thanks  to its healing capacity,  this plant is widely used for the treatment of wounds, abrasions, bruises and burns.

The use of aloe for the treatment of dry skin and mature skin is also noteworthy; in fact, aloe performs a regenerating action that makes the skin more elastic and vital. In addition to this, thanks to its anti-ageing action, aloe is capable of combatting wrinkles and skin blemishes due to advancing age.

Also essential is the use of aloe juice for internal use: in fact, when drunk, this liquid is moisturising, multivitamin and mineralising, which makes it also suitable as a supplement to a balanced diet

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 Aloe in cosmetics for oily and combination skin

aloe vera benefici cosmetici

Oily and combination skin is a problem that unfortunately afflicts many women and men, contributing to an excessively shiny and dull skin.

Aloe can be a valuable aid in the treatment of oily and combination skin in the areas most severely affected, such as the forehead, nose and chin area, the so-called T-zone, that may show enlarged pores, blackheads and eventually comedones.

In order to combat this type of blemish, it is necessary not only to drink plenty of water, maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, or thoroughly cleanse your face on a daily basis, but also to rely on a range of products containing aloe as one of their main ingredients.

Although one might think otherwise, oily and combination skins, despite their excessive sebum production, need creams with a strong moisturising power, capable of recharging the epidermis with water.

The aloe contained in face creams is necessary to restore the skin's hydration and also performs an important antioxidant action, both protecting the skin from external agents and counteracting the effects of time.

Snail slime cream with Aloe Vera from Nuvò Cosmetic

At Nuvò Cosmetic we have developed several products combining the power of aloe with that of snail slime. Here they are:

In addition to the properties of aloe, these creams exploit the potential of slime extracted from snails of the Aspersa Müller species, which contains elements such as collagen, allantoin, glycolic acid, elastin and numerous mucopolysaccharides.

Like aloe, snail slime extracted from the Aspersa Müller species also offers a number of unique benefits to the skin, performing a soothing and antioxidant action. For these reasons, creams with aloe and snail slime extract are used for skin affected by both dryness and excessive sebum production that needs to restore its balance, especially during seasonal changes.

From the point of view of elasticity, the slime obtained from snails creates a protective film that penetrates the deep layers of the epidermis, relaxing it by means of an anti-ageing action.

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