Snail slime: what is it used for?

7 things to know about the use of snail slime

What is snail slime used for? There are two types of slime produced by snails. One of these secretions, intended to protect the snail from external agents, and has recently found wide use in the world of cosmetics.

Extracted from the Helix Aspersa Müller species, it is characterised by a very high concentration of active ingredients.

Here below are the 7 things you need  to know about the use of snail slime in cosmetics.

Effective in reducing stretch marks on the skin

Snail slime products have proven to be an effective remedy in the prevention of stretch marks, an imperfection that can affect people of all ages. These scarred skin lesions are the consequence of the epidermal breakdown of elastin and collagen bundles.

In fact, they tend to affect skin that is not sufficiently elastic to respond to sudden changes in weight or hormonal changes.

It is especially during the pregnancy period that women are more prone to this problem. Resorting to creams a couple of times a day is therefore a good way to avoid the onset of blemishes.

But what makes slime so useful in this regard? Not only the collagen and elastin it contains, but also the presence of allantoin, glycolic acid and vitamins: all substances known for their elasticising, exfoliating, smoothing and regenerating action.

crema corpo bava lumaca serve per smagliature


A panacea with ancient origins: soothes coughs and episodes of gastritis

Although many people have only become aware of creams, serums and other cosmetic products based on snail slime in recent years, the snail has actually been used as a therapeutic remedy since ancient times.

Snail slime was beneficial to those suffering from ulcers and gastritis, and was used on wounds and in the case of skin problems, but also to eradicate coughs and catarrh. Hippocrates, for example, used slime to relieve inflamed skin. The start of the slime 'boom' in cosmetics, however, dates back to the 1980s.

It was at this time that extensive studies on the subject began to be conducted in Chile. This happened once it was discovered that workers engaged in handling snails for food enjoyed firmer and fresher skin on their hands.

An odourless substance that can be used all over your body

A particularly interesting aspect of snail slime is the fact that it is an odourless substance. This characteristic allows it to be used optimally, for example, before applying make-up to the face, or applying perfume and aftershave.

Simply use some cleansing milk to clean your skin, dry it and apply the cream with a gentle massage. Absorption will be fast and leave no traces.


detergente viso bava di lumaca

What is snail slime used for? An ideal anti-ageing solution

Thanks to collagen, glycolic acid, elastin and vitamins (A and E above all), snail slime contains substances that are truly capable of regenerating the skin by virtue of their multiple nutrients and exfoliants.

Just a few weeks of application, twice a day, are enough to benefit from surprising results on expression lines.

Excellent soothing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Slime extracted from the snail can also be used successfully by those looking for a solution for their eye contour. Slime's properties are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions.

The soothing properties of slime are ideal for reducing skin inflammation. Your skin will appear smoother and brighter.

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What is snail slime used for? A coadjuvant in the removal of skin blemishes

Pure snail slime is also associated with miraculous results against skin spots. In fact, this substance is useful as a coadjuvant even though it does not succeed in completely eliminating the spots.

By applying a cream and massaging it into the affected area, however, it will be possible to obtain at least  a reduction of spots caused not only by the sun's rays, but also by old age and pregnancy.


siero bava lumaca serve per macchie sulla pelle

Known for its exfoliating properties, it fights acne and scars

More and more young people, looking for an effective treatment to purify their skin, are currently resorting to creams based on snail slime. The latter, containing peptides and glycolic acid, is excellent at purifying the skin besides reducing blackheads and scars left by acne.

The mucus acts as a purifier, while the glycolic acid is credited with an astringent effect. It must be remembered that the result is subjective and may vary depending on how it is used and on which type of skin

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