Facial cleansing: how to do it at home

How to exfoliate your face at home to remove impurities and dead cells

In order to have beautiful and radiant skin, the first step is to cleanse your face. Smog, dead cells and make-up residues accumulate daily on the skin, making it dull and matt, enhancing wrinkles and expression lines and paving the way for pimples and blackheads.

Removing impurities and imperfections from the face, however, does not require to undergo expensive sessions at the beautician's. For an effective home cleansing of the skin, it is sufficient to choose the right products and correctly follow a few but fundamental steps. Here is how to do facial cleansing at home in a few simple steps.

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Choosing the right product

There are so many products for skincare on the market that it often becomes  rather difficult to choose the most suitable one. For facial cleansing, as well as for other treatments, many beauty centres use the innovative snail slime.

As well as having moisturising and healing properties and being suitable for all ages, this product in the form of scrub, serum and cream is ideal for a natural and surprisingly effective peeling. Be careful, however, to choose products containing high percentages of snail slime, leaving aside formulations that have only 2%.

It is also necessary to check that the cream has been dermatologically tested to assess its real safety for the skin. By purchasing a certified product, one can fully rely on its moisturising properties and its ability to clean the skin on the face.

By applying it when the skin's pores are already dilated, it penetrates deeply, optimising its action. The unrivalled results are due to the high percentages of allantoin and glycolic acid in snail slime. This active ingredient removes dead skin cells and stimulates the production of new skin, conferring your face a young-looking and radiant appearance. 

Preparing the skin

To cleanse the skin correctly, it is necessary to prepare it by dilating the pores. It will be sufficient to make a normal suffumigation with warm water, adding to it a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda.

By covering your head with a towel and exposing your face to the steam for about ten minutes, taking care not to burn yourself, your skin pores will start dilating and you will be able to proceed with the next cleaning steps.

The do-it-yourself facial cleansing scrub

To remove dead skin cells deposited on the skin of the face, you can rely on a scrub to be passed lightly over the face, avoiding the eye area.

Especially if your skin is delicate and you do not want to run the risk of irritation, it is best to choose a scrub that is effective but very gentle, like Nuvò snail slime scrub.

scrub bava di lumaca per pulizia viso

In the presence of blackheads, the action can be completed by removing them with the appropriate tool, bewaring not to irritate the skin.


The face mask

Giving yourself a face mask at home is not only a real moment of pleasant relaxation but also a skincare step not to be neglected.

A good mask, in fact, is able to make your skin thoroughly purified. It is always best to opt for natural products that should be applied to the face for about twenty minutes. Then, rinse your face with lukewarm water and dry it by patting it gently with a towel.

The post-cleansing face cream

To complete your home facial cleansing in the best possible way, a final step with snail slime cream will help soothe your skin while its collagen and elastin content will make it appear firmer and more elastic.

A snail slime face cream, like  Face Cream 80% by Nuvò, perfectly combines gentleness and respect for the skin with the effectiveness of its action. In fact, the presence of glycolic acid performs an excellent exfoliating action, promotes cell turnover and combats skin dyschromia by stimulating the formation of endogenous collagen.

crema viso bava lumaca post pulizia viso


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