Dry skin after summer: how to remedy it?

What to do if you have dry skin in summer

The holidays are drawing to a close and we begin to think about what comes next, poised between the desire to preserve our tan and the onset of some discomfort caused by exposure to the sun and saltiness, including the annoying dryness of our skin. Not to mention the inevitable consequences of our anxiety about "getting back to normal." 

How to intervene? Snail slime once again comes to our aid!

This substance, in fact, has long been known for its enormous invigorating, smoothing, nourishing and, above all, moisturising properties, which bring the skin back to its natural homeostasis while counteracting its ageing process.

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Snail slime production and extraction

The outdoor snail farms from which Nuvò Cosmetic extracts the precious substance are carefully managed, in full respect of the life of the small animas, as slime is manually extracted so as not to stress the snail.

Slime extraction is carried out in a simple and non-invasive way by stimulating the lower part of the snail's body - the part that is usually in contact with the ground - with a small stick.

There are two varieties of snail slime:, the first which is physiologically produced to protect the snail's body from the roughness of the ground and, the second  which is released in the event of danger. It is this latter that is collected for the production of the creams.

What substances are present in snail slime mucus?

The slime extracted contains a large number of molecules and active ingredients, such as glycolic acid, elastin, collagen, mucopolysaccharides and allantoin, which combine to restore the skin's innate beauty.

Its moisturising and soothing properties are not only useful when dealing with particularly sensitive skins, but also ideal to protect and brighten any type of skin surface.

So, even a problem such as dry skin, that is so typical at the end of a beach holiday, can be solved thanks to the specific properties of gastropod mucus contained in Nuvò's snail slime Body Cream.


crema corpo bava di lumaca per pelle secca dopo estate

Targeted, do-it-yourself cosmetic treatments

Like with any beauty product, it is important to know what characterises a good snail slime product. In fact, there are various types of products on the market containing this substance, but not all of them are really effective.

This is because a slime content of less than 50 per cent is not sufficient to perform the tasks described above. This is why it is of paramount importance to rely on quality companies and brands that are able to provide adequate proof of efficacy.

Nuvò Cosmetic products are in fact certified, dermatologically tested and always subjected to specific tests, which, depending on the product, can show end users the scientific results regarding tolerability as well as antioxidant and moisturising action.

The countless uses of snail slime, such as for instance a deep cleansing of the face, make it a perfect treatment for preserving the beauty and health of our skin.

In this regard, one tip is to apply the cream only after thorough cleansing of the treated area and once the pores have opened up, hence favouring optimal penetration of the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin and promoting a faster and more complete action.

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