Winter skincare: how to take care of your face skin in the colder season

How to adapt your face care routine to the winter

How to treat your skin in winter

Winter is undoubtedly one of the harshest seasons for women's skin, which can present problems such as dryness and redness. In winter, due to the low temperatures, the skin tends to produce less sebum than in summer and is therefore less moisturised and protected.

To provide the skin with the necessary protection against the harsh climate in winter, it is therefore advisable to use creams rich in nutrients and vegetable oils.

Also with regard to the cleansing routine, the more moisturising the products we use are, the more well-groomed and protected our skin is.

It is therefore a good idea to resume the habit of using cleansing milk, as well as specific products to exfoliate the skin, hence removing any dead cells and impurities.

Due to the sensitivity of our skin during the winter period, the scrub products  we use should be extremely light and non-aggressive so as not to remove the fatty layer of the skin that acts as a shield against the cold.

How it differs from the summer skincare

With the arrival of summer, it is necessary to change one's beauty routine to cope with climate changes and to prepare for exposure to the sun's rays. In fact, in summer, due to the heat and the tendency to sweat a lot, it is necessary to use lighter products compared to those used during the winter season, in order to avoid overloading the skin and clogging the pores, which may lead to the appearance of unpleasant blemishes.

Among the most suitable products currently used by women there is micellar water: light, soothing and ideal for daily cleansing of the skin even in place of cleansing milk.

Other popular products are daytime face creams with a high UV protection factor and night creams. It is especially the night cream that needs to be changed during the summer period: instead of a restructuring and nourishing product, it is better to use a light and refreshing product.

Snail slime for your skin in every season

A product able to take care of your skin in every season thanks to its extreme gentleness: snail slime, an ingredient that performs a multitude of beneficial functions not only on the face skin but, more generally, also on the whole body.

In most cases, these types of creams are enriched with a series of additional elements that help perform an all-round action, such as hyaluronic acid, mango butter, argan oil, marine collagen and vitamins C and E.

Each of these ingredients brings benefits, including elasticity, hydration and radiance. The versatility of these elements makes them suitable for all skin types, from dry or oily to combination skin.

One of the main effects of slime extracted from snails, in particular from Aspersa Müller, is its beneficial effect on skin of any age, from younger skins - that appear more elastic and hydrated- to the  more mature skins.

Mature skins, instead, benefit significantly from its effective properties against wrinkles, skin spots and,in general, all signs of ageing.

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