Keep your skin supple through the right nutrition

Not only snail slime: Nutrition too contributes to skin elasticity

Facial and body care products made from snail slime are truly cutting-edge and ideal for solving many of the problems that have always plagued the skin of women and - not only them.

The many properties of these products are by now known all over the world and there are many people who can no longer do without them since they have included at least one of these beauty serums in their skincare routine.

The presence of valuable elements such as vitamins, proteins and antioxidants inside these cosmetic productsis  is pivoltal for providing the epidermis tissues with all the necessary requirements for a more radiant and youthful appearance.

But,apart from the quality offered by snail slime-based beauty products, there are also other factors that play an equally important role in skin health, such as a healthy diet.

In the following part , we will find out which foods promote skin elasticity.

Potatoes: a good source of selenium

We have seen that, in addition to the constant application of snail slim-based creams and serums, it is also essential to follow a correct and balanced diet able to help your skin counteract free radicals and promote its elasticity in a natural and lasting way, thanks to the rich properties provided by certain types of food.

Potatoes are among the foods suitable for achieving this. They are a rich source of selenium, an essential element for our body, capable of warding off diseases such as cancer, but also of slowing down the ageing process of the skin, thus making it more elastic.

As this mineral is not produced by our body, it must be supplemented through the intake of foods rich in it, like for instance potatoes.


Citrus Fruit: collagen for your skin

agrumi per pelle elastica

Our tables should never be short of citrus fruits, both the seasonal ones, such as oranges and mandarins, and the ever-present ones ,such as lemons.

In fact, they are very important in the fight against free radicals thanks to the vitamin C they are rich in and which plays a key role in the synthesis of collagen, a protein essential to support and strengthen the skin structure.

With the passing of time and the onset of the ageing process, collagen undergoes major changes in both quantity and quality, which makes it necessary to take a targeted action  to regenerate and strengthen it.

This is why it is important to take vitamin C on a daily basis through citrus fruits, which contain a lot of it. In so doing our skin can only benefit from it and appear firmer and more elastic.

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Green tea: rich in polyphenols

In the tough fight against the effects of advancing age, green tea too has a good reputation. It is well known for its strong antioxidant properties, which have helped keep the skin younger and more elastic since the dawn of age.

The healthy daily habit of sipping this precious beverage of very ancient origins allows us to acquire a large number of micronutrients such as polyphenols and catechins that help protect our cells from the attack of the dreaded free radicals that progressively cause the skin to age, making it wrinkled and sagging.

Furthermore, the beneficial characteristics of green tea are also related to the blockage of collagen fibres distribution through the action of catechins.

Dark berries: elixir of youth

How could we not also mention the dark berries, like bilberries and  blueberries, whose valuable properties have for years been considered indispensable in a balanced diet? These super fruits are now known by experts for their almost miraculous effects on the health of our body and skin.

They too, like the other above-mentioned foods, have the great merit of being extremely powerful antioxidants, fundamental in the fight against free radicals, our cells' arch-enemies.

The skin-enhancing properties of this food manifest themselves in their ability to keep the fibres of the dermis together hence, strengthening collagen structures.

By including dark berries in your diet, you will notice excellent results over time.

Dried fruit: a panacea for the skin

Being an inexhaustible source of vitamin E, dried fruit too rightfully ranks in the list of foods that are allies in the fight against cellular ageing, the long-standing enemy of women and not only women.

This is a very rich and varied category within which one can find many examples such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios and much more.

The fruits in question have beneficial effects on the epidermal tissues and provide great nourishment, which is essential for improving their appearance, thanks to their high content of vitamin E known for its useful properties for both our skin and body organs.

The magical antioxidant power of dried fruit is very effective and its results can already be noticed within a short time. Indeed, the epidermis appears more elastic and the anti-ageing effect is guaranteed.

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