Vitamin A: properties and cosmetic benefits

What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is also called retinol and belongs to the so-called fat-soluble ones. The substance dissolves, therefore, in contact with fats or oily substances, but not in the presence of water.

The body is able to produce it independently, but it can also be taken through supplements and foods that contain them, such as very colorful fruit and vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, peppers, etc.).

The absorption of vitamin A takes place mainly through the liver thanks to the precursors called carotenoids, which derive precisely from the aforementioned foods.

The liver, therefore, absorbs vitamin A and releases it when the body needs it. Together with vitamin A or retinol, similar substances are also available which are essential for the proper functioning of our body and are called retinoids.
Science has cataloged more than 1500.

As it is known, the human body cannot do without vitamins, therefore taking retinol regularly allows you to maintain an optimal state of health, but also to have a positive effect on the aesthetic aspect, of which the substance itself is a fundamental ally.

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Properties of vitamin A

Vitamin A is responsible for many of the organic functions and for the proper functioning of various important organs.

The first of these are the eyes and sight, so much so that it is no coincidence that a part of these is called the retina, due to the assonance with the name of the vitamin.

Its function is related to the reception and refraction of light, providing an optimal view. Vitamin A is also necessary for the proper functioning of the adrenal glands, therefore equally necessary for the elimination of waste products naturally produced by the body.

Precisely organic waste that is not properly disposed of causes both pathologies and blemishes, as in the case of cellulite and the formation of stretch marks.

Cellulite is formed from a stagnation of liquids combined with poor blood and lymph circulation. Freeing the tissues from these "stagnant" substances allows you to recover both optimal circulation and a pleasant appearance.

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The properties of vitamin A also extend to its antioxidant action as regards the degenerative process of cells. It slows down its natural deterioration and is also considered an effective anticancer, with a preventive function of some specific forms.

Its action takes the form of defense of cell membranes which are attacked by both pollutants and active and passive cigarette smoke.

Our bones, teeth and hair would not be in good health if there weren't a good supply of vitamin A and retinoids, which allow for optimal synthesis of calcium and the components that make them resistant over time.

Vitamin A also prevents the formation of caries, osteoporosis and is used against alopecia and the prevention of baldness.

Applications of Vitamin A

In the cosmetic field, cosmetic products with vitamin A are finding more and more space, combined with snail slime .
Snail slime contains other substances such as allantoin, glycolic acid, elastin, collagen and is presented as the solution not only for wrinkles, but also for scars, recently formed stretch marks, cellulite and signs left over from exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin A added to such an effective product turns out to be a real panacea for the skin.

Vitamin A (retinol) manages to have an excellent antioxidant action, it is one of the most used vitamins in beauty products for skin with wrinkles and loss of tone. We can find it, for example, in Nuvò Cosmetic's 80% anti-wrinkle face cream .

Another surprising effect is the one that allows you to treat stretch marks with a real regeneration of the upper layer of the skin.
The application of the snail slime in vitamin A-based cream should be done simply with a delicate massage, which is circular and lasts until completely absorbed.

For the hair, on the other hand, it is sufficient to make compresses and hold the pose for the time necessary for it to penetrate effectively along the entire length.

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