Normal skin: what it is and how to take care of it

Are you one of the lucky ones to have normal skin ?

As you can imagine, the advice for the daily skincare routine is often aimed at skin with particular conditions (oily, sensitive, combination, dry), as if normal skin did not need specific care and products.

And this is a mistake you must not make. Even normal skins must be treated like the others.

First you need to make sure you have normal skin. Finding out your skin type is the first fundamental step in finding the right cosmetics, more suitable for the conditions of your skin.

What is normal skin?

It is simplistic to define it as neither oily nor dry, without any kind of problem.

However, it is true that a skin classified as "normal" is not excessively oily or dry and does not experience any particular problems or conditions. It's a healthy skin type with even levels of moisture and hydration, even texture, and no noticeable problem areas.

But it may very well happen that normal skin can experience subtle changes in oiliness and dryness, and even the occasional breakout, when exposed to environmental stressors such as ultraviolet rays from the sun and pollution.

The right oil/water balance

Normal skin is said to be well balanced, but what exactly does that mean?

Scientifically speaking, it is eudermic skin, i.e. it performs the various functions without problems: protective, trophic, secretory, immune.

But let's get back to balancing. Overall, sebum and moisture levels throughout the face are stable, although the so-called T-zone (forehead, chin and nose) may occasionally have higher levels of fat.

Normal skin still manages to balance the 2 types of moisture it needs:

  1. Oil : The fatty substance called sebum that comes from the sebaceous glands under the skin's surface, which naturally produce it to keep the surface hydrated.
  2. Humidity : it comes from water, from within, i.e. from the amount of water you drink.

In normal skin the oil/water ratio is balanced.

The 5 characteristics of normal skin

  1. Balanced Sebum Production : Features a healthy balance of oil and water and acts as a barrier to protect the underlying layers.
  2. Barely Visible Pores : Unlike oily skin which has large pores .
  3. Few Rashes : When they occur, either you've neglected your skincare routine, forgetting to remove makeup and sunscreen, or it's due to hormonal fluctuations (like your period).
  4. Minimal Sensitivity : Does not react to new skincare products or ingredients. Skin tone is even and smooth.
  5. Typically even tone , skin not cracked or flaky.

How to take care of normal skin?

It is true that it is a skin that requires less care than other skin types, but it is essential to develop a daily routine to avoid problems in the future.

So, you need to develop a daily routine for normal skin care :

  • Facial cleaning : use a cleanser for normal skin, it must clean without drying, leaving the skin smooth and soft.
  • Facial toner : the toner cleanses more thoroughly, eliminating residues of makeup and cleanser and also any excess sebum.
  • Even normal skin needs exfoliation to keep it looking healthy.

Eye cream : the eye contour is always a sensitive area of ​​the face, because it is thinner than the other areas. Use a vitamin E eye cream.

  • Hydration : choose a vitamin E moisturizer , ideal for hydration of this skin type.
  • Sunscreen : The sun's harmful rays can damage skin pigments, so it's good to include an SPF in your daily skincare routine.
  • Night cream : while we rest, the skin cells are replenished with body nutrients. But during the night the skin can also lose a lot of moisture, so a cream that can protect and deeply hydrate the skin is recommended.
  • Exfoliate once a week : Exfoliating your skin is also important for this skin type, because exfoliating will rid your face of dead skin cells and give you an even more even tone.

Beware of products that are not suitable for your skin

Finally, a further tip to take care of your normal skin at its best.

As we said, normal skin may show more dryness or oiliness from time to time or even larger pores, especially in certain situations, such as during a shower with too hot water (dries out the skin) or smoking (smoking can lower the skin hydration levels).

Do not use specific products for oily or dry skin, as they could cause problems on normal skin.

Always use moisturizers with SPF

Everyone likes to feel the sun on their skin, but long and constant exposure to the sun can lead to negative side effects, causing damage to the skin thanks to UVA and UVB rays.

UVA rays accelerate the skin aging process, while UVB rays cause sunburn.

The best solution is therefore to use moisturizers with sunscreen (SPF 30 or more).

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