Fight acne and scars with the best creams for oily skin

Remedies for acne? Use the most suitable creams for oily skin

Acne and scarring can be a challenge for those with oily skin. Overproduction of sebum, clogged pores, and inflammation can all contribute to persistent pimples, blackheads, and scarring.

Fortunately, there are numerous creams specifically formulated to address these issues and improve skin health and appearance.

In this article, we'll explore the unique challenges that oily skins face in dealing with acne and scarring. We will present a selection of the best creams available, with a special mention to a natural ingredient that has proven to be particularly effective: snail slime .

What is acne?

Alas , what is acne and how to fight it is a topic that is discovered, debated and explored especially in adolescence, when hormonal imbalances and stress contribute to excessive sebum production. They promote the formation of pimples and leave behind acne scars .

From a scientific point of view, acne is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the hair follicle and sebaceous glands. The activity of hormones (and in particular of androgens particularly active in puberty) can cause hyperkeratinization, or an increase in the corneal cells such as to obstruct, together with the sebum, the hair follicles: hence the formation of comedones and the much hated pimples !

However, if it is true that acne is typical of puberty, the so-called tardy acne which develops around the age of twenty and which mainly affects the female sex should not be underestimated either: a very common and much hated imperfection which can have psychological repercussions in terms of self-esteem.

Whether it's juvenile acne , late-stage acne or cosmetic acne (caused by an allergic reaction to cosmetics that are not suitable for your skin), acne can leave annoying scars on the face and neck at all ages, to be reduced and counteracted with the right creams for oily skin and some useful tricks to keep in mind.

Creams & co: the best strategies to get rid of acne scars

Before delving into and reviewing the best creams to combat and minimize acne scars, it is good to dispel some false myths about the fight against this nasty skin blemish.

  • Is it a good idea to pop pimples? No! On the contrary, it is a very bad habit. Squeezing comedones helps to cause and spread inflammation and therefore multiplies the risk of scarring!
  • Is acne the fault of a bad diet? Yes and no. According to recent studies, among those responsible for the onset of pimples there would be Igf1, a growth factor linked to insulin. Hence the recommendations to keep a balanced diet are even more valid for those who want to have clean skin free from imperfections: the advice is to favor whole grains, reduce sweets, limit yourself to one or two cups of milk a day , prefer fish rich in Omega 3 instead of meat and cured meats; eat orange and green vegetables rich in beta-carotene such as squash, melon, carrots and spinach. And the chocolate? Better to choose at least 70% dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants.
  • Does the sun dry out pimples? What might seem like an improvement is actually a temporary and counterproductive effect: the sun doesn't dry out pimples and exposing yourself to the sun's rays without adequate protection can worsen skin inflammation.
  • What about the common practice of putting toothpaste on pimples? Here is another fake news that has come a long way especially among the very young. The widespread home remedy of applying toothpaste or baking soda on pimples has no basis or usefulness. Indeed, even in this case the only result that can be achieved is to further worsen the situation and increase inflammation!
  • Does stress make it worse? Yes. Stressful situations, smoking and the accumulation of occlusive substances on the skin (covering yourself with layers of foundation can be counterproductive, as well as wearing bangs that don't let the skin on your forehead breathe) can favor the appearance of pimples and comedones.

Acne scars: how to make them disappear?

Acne scars on the face, neck or other parts of the body can create discomfort and annoyance especially in the younger ones, in some cases reducing the quality of social, relational and emotional life or undermining one's self-esteem.

Applying layers of opaque make-up and foundation, as mentioned, can make the situation worse. The advice is to always choose mineral makeup or makeup free from comedogenic ingredients that can trigger allergies or irritations. To improve or reduce acne scars, it is necessary to use targeted cosmetics or, in the most serious cases, resort to aesthetic medicine treatments.

Cosmetics and dermatology have made great strides in the treatment of acne and acne scars. The laser, although expensive and annoying, guarantees excellent results in the case of superficial scars (very deep scars can improve but not disappear): the recommendation is to always contact professionals for qualified and personalized advice.

Peeling, dermabrasion and radiofrequency can also help reduce and make acne scars less visible.

how to get rid of acne scars

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Creams and cosmetics to get rid of acne scars

Has juvenile or late acne left you with unsightly scars on your face and neck? Don't worry, cosmetics come to our rescue with effective and non-invasive remedies that come directly from nature!

In case of acne and acne scars, the most important thing to do is to gently exfoliate the skin to rid it of the dead cells present in the surface layer of the skin. Glycolic acid , essential in this phase, helps to have smooth, clean, brighter skin, free from imperfections and ready to absorb all the active ingredients of the products we will apply later.

With nourishing and protective properties, allantoin is also particularly important in the treatment of acne and for improving the appearance of acne scars. Collagen and elastin , for their part, contribute to the hydration of the skin.

All these active ingredients are contained in snail slime and consequently, in the best serums and snail slime creams .

The extra weapon: snail slime against scars

In a market full of cosmetic proposals to get rid of acne scars, snail slime stands out for its excellent antibacterial, soothing and regenerating properties. It is a 100% natural ingredient (the slime is extracted in full respect of the animal and without causing any discomfort) rich in mucopolysaccharides, glycolic acid, collagen, allantoin and elastin; all fundamental components of a healthy, balanced and luminous skin .

Snail slime contrasts acne and pimples at their first onset and also acts on the scars left by these blemishes thanks to its cleansing and exfoliating properties.

Applying asnail slime serum and cream daily means nourishing the skin of the face with numerous active ingredients that regenerate, hydrate and protect the skin at any time of the day.

Equally effective and particularly suitable for the treatment of acne and pimples at a young age is the snail slime face scrub , which promotes delicate exfoliation with innovative microspheres that smooth and renew the skin. Suitable for all skin types, it is non-greasy and rinses easily.

In its pure, stabilized and concentrated form, snail slime is even more powerful, ready to release all its qualities. The application of a few drops on the face is enough to appreciate its effectiveness.

Nuvò Cosmetic: excellent cosmetics with snail slime

Applying the Snail Slime Face Cream for acne-prone skin daily to perfectly cleansed skin helps to have luminous, healthy and nourished skin throughout the day.

Suitable for all ages, due to its certified anti-inflammatory action it is particularly useful for those with combination or oily skin and want a face free from acne and imperfections.

The snail slime face cream is enriched with hyaluronic acid, 100% organic aloe, marine collagen and Argan oil. A cosmetic that acts in a targeted manner thanks to the synergy of 10 innovative active ingredients with an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, also excellent as a make-up base.

This fantastic product is safe even in summer: Vitamin C and mango butter fight the signs caused by exposure to the sun's rays.

Snail slime face cream for acne

To be used as an adjuvant in treatments against acne and pimples, the Snail Slime Scrub for the face allows for delicate exfoliation, thanks to the active ingredients and the massaging microspheres that smooth the skin. A certified organic product that reduces excess skin oiliness and refines the skin texture thanks to its natural active ingredients. It is applied once or twice a week to a damp face and neck, massaged for two minutes and rinsed off.

For an even more surprising result, we recommend adding the Nuvò Remedial Serum to your daily skincare routine, to be applied before your face cream.

It is an innovative product that offers powerful help for those battling acne and pimples. Formulated with high quality and natural ingredients, thissnail slime serum has been specially developed to provide an effective solution to the most common skin problems.

Its unique formula combines anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and healing action, offering visible and long-lasting results. Regular application of Nuvò Remedial Serum can help reduce inflammation, soothe irritated skin and prevent new pimples from forming.

With its light and absorbent texture, the serum applies easily and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it fresh, hydrated and visibly improved.

Inserting the best serums and creams with snail slime into your beauty routine helps fight imperfections and acne, minimize scars, hydrate and nourish the skin. In fact, snail slime is a 100% natural ingredient that is increasingly used in face skincare lines and is particularly appreciated for its tangible results.

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