Skincare routine with snail slime cosmetics

Your facial skin care routine, step by step, with snail slime products

Thanks to the benefits it brings to the skin, snail slime has become a trendy ingredient in the world of skincare.

This substance defined by many as "miraculous" has a composition that is currently impossible to reproduce in the laboratory : it is rich in nutrients such as enzymes, proteins and vitamins capable of improving the texture of the skin and promoting its regeneration.

A snail slime skincare routine is therefore a real panacea for the face.

Today we will see, step by step, how to do it, which products to use and some useful tips that will allow you to maximize the results.

Follow these steps today to have radiant skin!

1st Step: Cleansing - Purify the skin with a cleansing milk with snail slime (every day)

Start your routine with a delicate cleansing milk, to be used morning and evening to remove impurities accumulated during the day and night.

Thanks to the film-forming and nourishing properties of the snail's secretion, snail slime cleansing milk helps purify your skin from dead cells, smog, make-up and excess sebum without compromising the hydration of your face.

Using it is very simple:

  1. Moisten your face with warm water
  2. Apply the cleanser with your fingers and massage your face in circular motions
  3. Remove the product using a make-up remover pad or a soft microfibre cloth
  4. Rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water

snail slime facial cleanser removal during skincare

Warning: never use ordinary soap ! You would alter the pH of the skin and compromise the hydrolipidic film, worsening any problems.

2nd Step: Exfoliation - Apply the snail slime scrub once a week

Once a week, gently exfoliate your facial skin with the snail slime scrub to deeply eliminate dead cells and promote cell renewal.

Snail slime, rich in an exfoliating substance called glycolic acid , promotes the turnover of new and dead cells and helps make the skin smoother and more homogeneous.

To use the scrub (strictly after the cleansing milk), simply moisten your face with warm water and apply the product using delicate circular movements on your face for about 5 minutes.

Afterwards, rinse your skin and continue with your skincare routine.

3rd Step – Apply a snail slime serum specific to your skin type (every day, morning and evening)

The face serum is a cosmetic rich in highly concentrated active ingredients, which supports and enhances the action of the face cream. Being more fluid than cream, it acts more deeply and is essential within a complete skincare routine.

We recommend choosing asnail slime serum formulated for the specific needs of your skin. For example, among the Nuvò Cosmetic products:

Apply the serum evenly all over your face and pat the skin with your fingertips to help absorb the active ingredients.

4th Step - Nourish the eye contour with the Snail Slime Eye Contour Cream (every day, morning and evening)

Offer a specific treatment to the delicate area around the eyes with a snail slime eye contour cream .

This skincare step helps you reduce bags, dark circles and expression lines, providing nourishment to the skin.

Apply a very small dose of cream under the lower eyelids and in the so-called "crow's feet" area, tapping until completely absorbed.

5th Step – Conclude skincare with a snail slime face cream specific to your skin type (every day, morning and evening)

skincare routine with snail slime cream

The face cream is the last step of the skincare routine. The secretion of the snails supports the other cosmetic ingredients by hydrating, purifying and renewing the facial skin.

Use the best snail slime cream for your needs in order to maintain the balance of the skin.

After the serum, apply a small amount ofsnail slime cream all over your face and tap with your fingertips until the product is absorbed.

Use the cream morning and evening, so that the active ingredients can protect the skin during the day and restore the nutrients it needs during the night.

In conclusion

Snail slime is an excellent cosmetic ingredient in your skincare routine.

Its precious composition makes it a versatile substance , suitable for all skin types and perfect for supporting both natural and synthetic active ingredients.

Remember to be consistent in your skincare routine and you will see that your face will thank you!

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