Blackheads: what are they and why do they form?

Blackheads , also called open comedones, are skin impurities visible to the naked eye, protruding and perceptible to the touch with a rough sensation.
They form when "plugs" clog the pores that are naturally present on the skin's surface.

These plugs are made up of sebum, keratin and other substances of non-natural origin (pollution, cosmetics, dust): in contact with the air these "plugs" oxidize and become dark in colour.

Did you know that snail slime, being rich in in glycolic acid (a natural exfoliant) is a cosmetic ingredient ideal against blackheads? Discover all  snail slime cosmetics by Nuvò!

What are the causes of blackheads?

Blackheads form mainly on the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose and chin), usually appearing on acne-prone oily skin. They are typical of young age, but this doesn't mean they can't show up even on more mature skin.

Endogenous factors, i.e. internal to our body:

  • Hormonal changes and imbalances.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Oily and greasy skin or bacterial acne.

Unfortunately, these factors are "not easy to control" as they are heavily dependent on the specific genetics of a person.

Exogenous factors, i.e. external to our body and independent from genetics:

  • Presence of powders or occlusive substances on the face skin.
  • Poor or incorrect skin cleansing.
  • Use of products that are too greasy for skin-care.
  • Facial hair removal: removing moustache or facial hair can cause the enlargement of the pores near the hair follicle where they can also develop a blackhead.
  • Excessive consumption of fatty and high glycemic index foods.
  • Smoking and stress.
  • Unprotected sun exposure.
  • Forgetting to remove make-up before going to sleep.
  • Taking medicines, especially steroids or cortisone, or else the birth control pill.

The health and beauty of our skin greatly depend on the care and attention we pay to these factors.


The beauty routine for skins with blackheads

The daily care of skins with blackheads is quite simple, but very important: it is really essential to dedicate the necessary time to skin care every day, both in the morning and in the evening.
Here are some tips that can help visibly improve the appearance of your skin and prevent the appearance of blackheads:

  • Facial cleansing morning and evening : choose a non-aggressive and oily cleanser so that it dissolves the sebum, then rinse it thoroughly.
  • Use a tonic : its action tightens pores, reduces imperfections and rebalances the skin.
  • Always remove make-up before going to sleep : for skin health it is very important to remove all traces of make-up before going to sleep.
  • Use a suitable moisturizer : the ideal cream should be light and fluid, with a smoothing action (able to reduce accumulations of keratin) and with sebum-regulating and non-comedogenic ingredients.

What treatments can we do at home to eliminate blackheads and prevent their appearance?

A good beauty routine is often not enough for the treatment and prevention of blackheads. To it we can associate some treatments that we can do in complete tranquility and safety at home.
Let's see some of them:

  • Steam Bath : Once twice a month use a facial sauna or bring some water to a boil, cover your head with a towel, and stay for ten minutes with your face placed on the saucepan. The steam will open up the pores and squeezing blackheads will become really easy. Always use tissue paper on your fingers to squeeze blackheads and remember to squeeze gently.
  • Scrub once a week : Once or twice a week use a face scrub. Apply it on the face and massage with circular movements insisting on the areas most prone to blackheads: forehead, nose and chin. After the scrub, always apply the right moisturizer for skin with blackheads.

Green clay face mask to eliminate blackheads

  • Mask : Once or twice a week treat yourself to a face mask. The most famous is the green or white clay mask. Apply it on your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water. To get the most out of the mask, apply it after taking a steam bath and a scrub. After the mask put on the moisturizer.
  • Tea Tree Oil Wrap : This oil has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Apply a cotton ball soaked in oil on the affected area and leave it on for a few minutes.
  • Patches : perform a mechanical action of removing blackheads. The patch should be applied to the affected area (nose, forehead or chin) and left on for at least 10 minutes. After this time, gently remove the patch: it will treat the sebum and material that clogs the pores, leaving the skin clean.

Professional treatments for blackheads

We have talked about the daily beauty routine and some treatments that we can do at home in complete safety, but there are also specific treatments for blackheads that can be done at beauty or medical centres. Here are some:

  • Professional facial cleansing : deep cleansing of the facial skin through the use of special cleansing products, steam and specific masks for skin with blackheads. It is a facial cleansing aimed at eliminating and/or manually extracting blackheads and other impurities.
  • Chemical peeling : derma-aesthetic treatment that exploits the action of chemical exfoliants to remove the most superficial layers of the skin, promoting cell regeneration and turnover.
  • Manual Removal : it is possible to remove the biggest and stubborn blackheads with a special extractor. It is a tool that has a "ring" at one end. How to use? Place the black dot in the center of the ring then apply some pressure to push out the material present in the black dot. The procedure must be carried out by expert hands, to avoid making the situation worse by tearing the skin or creating the conditions for a possible infection.
  • Microdermabrasion : the professional, using a special tool with a rough surface, will remove the upper layer of the skin which will thus be smoother.
  • Laser therapy and pulsed light : professional treatment that uses direct light beams on the skin, thus reducing the production of sebum and killing the bacteria present on the skin.


What not to do in the presence of blackheads?

It's also good to take stock of what you should avoid doing when blackheads appear on our skin.

  • Don't touch the blackhead : let's try to resist the temptation to torture the blackhead, touching it continuously hoping to get rid of it by "scraping it off".
  • Avoid squeezing the blackhead with your fingers or nails : We always use a clean tissue to squeeze blackheads. This simple trick will allow us to avoid inflammation, skin irritation, infection and scarring.
  • No to improvised remedies : let's not rely on "grandmother's remedies" or improvised ones. The risk of irritating the skin and making the situation worse is very high.
  • Don't use comedogenic products : or rather, try to avoid products that contain ingredients considered comedogenic, i.e. that favor the clogging of the pores. Before choosing a product, it is advisable to read the INCI (list of ingredients) and make sure that it does not contain vaseline, paraffin, wax, castor oil, mineral oils, etc. All of these ingredients are harmful to skin health, especially skin that tends to develop blackheads.

Does diet affect the appearance of blackheads?

As is now well known, nutrition is the basis of the health and general well-being of our body.
What can we do concretely and thus help our skin?

  • Replace white flours with whole grains and flours.
  • Consume fruit and vegetables regularly.
  • Eliminate sugary drinks.
  • Prefer vegetable fats over animal fats.
  • Consume foods rich in protein, both of vegetable (legumes) and animal origin (especially white meat and fish).
  • Reduce the consumption of dairy products.

Proper nutrition will significantly improve the health of your skin.

Snail slime to treat skin with blackheads

Snail slime is to all intents and purposes a panacea for treating skins with blackheads.
Its properties are multiple and make this ingredient an irreplaceable ally in the fight against this annoying blemish.
Specifically, these are the actions that affect skin with blackheads:

Resist the temptation to squeeze and torture blackheads!

  • Purifying : glycolic acid and peptides help prevent the accumulation of impurities on the skin and help eliminate them.
  • Exfoliating : the glycolic acid present in snail slime performs a delicate peeling action on the surface layer of the skin.
  • Antibacterial : very useful in the treatment of acne and blackheads because snail slime has the ability to kill bacteria.
  • Uniforming : glycolic acid acts on acne, scars, blemishes and dilated pores, smoothing the skin and eliminating the annoying "greasy effect".

Why choose a cosmetic for skin with blackheads with snail slime?

We have listed above the multiple properties of snail slime useful against the annoying problem of blackheads, but its actions are also others.

  • Moisturizing action : snail slime has a high moisturizing power given by the presence of mucopolysaccharides.
  • Curative action : allantoin , vitamins and collagen (naturally present in snail slime) stimulate the regenerative processes of the tissues.
  • Soothing action : useful in the prevention and reduction of redness due to sunstroke, cold, depilation and even small abrasions due to shaving.
  • Regenerating action : allantoin stimulates the production of elastin and collagen fibers , which therefore allow the tissues to be repaired.
  • Nourishing action : gives greater elasticity to the tissues and offers beneficial effects on wrinkles, which will appear less visible.
  • Protective action : protects the skin from both premature aging and ultraviolet rays and dryness.

That's why choosing a cosmetic with snail slime: in just one product you will find everything your skin needs.

On sale!

On sale!

Which snail slime products to use for skin with blackheads?

Face Scrub is a product which, thanks to its innovative microspheres, purifies and refines the skin texture. In addition to snail slime, it contains ten functional active ingredients:

  • Primrose oil : with a calming and purifying action.
  • Olive oil : nourishing action.
  • Jojoba oil : nourishing action.
  • Hyaluronic acid : prevents the skin from drying out after the treatment.
  • Safflower oil : useful against skin spots.
  • Nettle extract : purifying and astringent action.
  • Burdock extract : a valid aid in the treatment of acne and pimples.
  • Provitamin B5 : nourishing action.
  • Shea Butter : for naturally soft skin.
  • Rice Starch : for silky skin.

Thanks to the synergy of its ten active ingredients, this scrub reduces imperfections , reduces excess skin oiliness and its purifying action makes it an excellent ally even in treatments against acne and pimples.

When to use it?

It is recommended to use it 1 or 2 times a week, on cleansed and dry skin. Apply 2 or 3 small pearls on the face and massage with circular movements, then rinse thoroughly and thoroughly with warm water. Then apply the most suitable face cream.

The formulation of this scrub is dermatologically tested, nickel tested and has an organic certification: this makes it suitable for all skin types, both for men and women, it is non-greasy and easy to rinse.

The Pure Nuvò snail slime face serum is a product that embodies all the characteristics and properties of the snail slime that we have listed above.

This face serum is a valid aid in the fight against acne, pimples, imperfections and blackheads: the slime it contains is extracted by hand and this guarantees a high concentration of mucopolysaccharides and active ingredients.
The constant use of this serum will make the skin more homogeneous and smoother, free from blackheads, imperfections and dyschromia.

This serum can also be applied several times a day according to your needs on the face, body and eye contour.

It can be used alone or in combination with our face creams, it is non-greasy, is rapidly absorbed and can be used throughout the year.

Frequent questions

  • Does lifestyle affect the appearance of blackheads? Lifestyle has a huge impact on the quality of life, on the general health of our body and our skin. Try to follow a correct diet, keep stress away, don't smoke and rest properly: the whole body as a whole will benefit from it.
  • Is it wrong to pop pimples and blackheads? It's not absolutely wrong to squeeze blackheads and pimples, but it's an operation that must be done correctly to avoid skin irritation and injury. Always use a tissue and make sure your skin is clean.
  • Do blackheads only form on the face? No, blackheads can also appear on the back and shoulders. To treat them, the same precautions you use for those of the face apply.
  • Do blackheads only come on teenagers? Blackheads are not a typical phenomenon only of young age. They depend much more on a person's skin type, the predisposition and care we have for our skin.
  • Is it possible to treat blackheads with medication? In the case of particularly tenacious blackheads, which worsen over time or which cause discomfort and inflammation, it may be necessary to resort to medicines, which must be prescribed by a specialist.

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