Dilated facial pores: Causes and Remedies

All you need to know about dilated pores and their remedies

Many are concerned when they see large pores on their face. We have to say first of all that a person's pores can be more or less evident according to their skin type.

There are 2 types of pores:

  1. One type releases the body's natural oil, called sebum, which is needed to moisturize the skin; sebum is the oil that not only keeps the skin soft and supple but also prevents moisture from evaporating.
  2. The other releases sweat, to regulate your body temperature.

Sometimes the pores that release sebum can appear enlarged, therefore dilated.

It's not possible to get rid of these pores, but there are ways to reduce their appearance. But first we need to explain what is meant by dilated pores, then look at the causes and finally talk about ways to make large pores less visible.

Even more important is to know what the pores of the skin really are.

Pores are tiny openings in the skin that release oils and sweat. They are also connected to hair follicles.

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What are dilated pores?

Pores are depressions in the skin surface of the face, which contain one or more openings to the ducts that carry sweat and sebum from their respective sweat glands and sebaceous glands.

Dilated pores are larger than average skin pores. While many pores are small enough to be nearly invisible to the naked eye, enlarged pores are obviously more noticeable.

Why do pores dilate?

There are several reasons why skin pores become enlarged. The causes of enlarged pores help us understand what treatments, if any, we can use to reduce their size.

  • Excessive Sebum Production : A person's sebaceous gland produces a lot of oil and they have oily skin.
  • Decreased elasticity of the skin around the pore : the skin becomes less elastic and the pores appear enlarged.
  • Enlarged hair follicle : The pore at the end of the hair follicle becomes clogged.
  • Acne : Acne is also associated with enlarged pores. Inflammatory acne can cause pores to become enlarged by weakening the sebaceous gland and opening up the hair follicles, making them more prone to blockage.
  • Use of comedogenic products .
  • Damage due to long exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun .
  • Weather : Hot, humid weather can increase oil production and make you sweat, leading to clogged pores and acne.
  • Age : As skin ages, it loses its elasticity and becomes more prone to becoming clogged with sebum, impurities, and dead skin.
  • Genetic predisposition : If one or both parents have large pores, it is normal to have a similar condition.


How to shrink large pores

We've already talked about the usefulness of skin pores: so you can't get rid of pores, but if you have enlarged them, you can reduce their size with a series of tricks and treatments.

How to minimize pores? Both skin care and the products you use are essential.

Products that help reduce large pores

Choose water-based products . If you have skin, be sure to use water-based products, to prevent extra oil from seeping into your pores. Don't use greasy, oil-based products, as they can lead to excess oil on your skin, making your pores appear larger.

Choose gel-based cleansers . While a moisturizing cleanser can leave residue in pores and increase oiliness, a gel-based cleanser helps remove oil from pores, reducing their appearance.

Use a sunscreen . It is essential to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. If your skin is damaged by the sun, it can be very dry. When skin is dry, pores can appear larger.

Use products with vitamin C. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that can have numerous benefits for the skin, it can nourish collagen and elastin , brighten the appearance of the skin and reduce its imperfections.

Collagen and elastin are proteins that keep the skin elastic and have anti-aging effects. There are products with ingredients that stimulate the formation of these 2 important skin proteins:

  • Algae : prevent the oxidation of collagen and elastin by increasing their production.
  • Omega fatty acids : protect against the loss of collagen and elastin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid : Helps increase collagen production.
  • Peptides : Promote the production of both proteins.

Also use products with alpha hydroxy acids . Alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid and lactic acid, can have beneficial effects on the skin. Using products that contain these ingredients can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores by helping to get rid of dead skin cells, oil, and other impurities that build up inside the pores and on the skin's surface.

Use products that don't clog pores . To help prevent large pores and blackheads, and to improve the appearance and health of your skin, be sure to use only skincare products that won't clog pores.

Look for products that say "non-comedogenic" on the label, so you know that this product has been specifically formulated to prevent pores from clogging.

Skin care

Wash your face in the morning and evening . Washing your face is the basis of daily skin care. Be careful with the products you use, and consider that warm water and a detergent are enough. Washing your face twice a day helps remove oil and dirt from your pores, helping to reduce their appearance.

  • Wet your face with warm water
  • Massage the cleanser in circular motions all over the face and neck
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry the skin, without rubbing excessively so as not to create irritation
  • Repeat this process every morning and evening

Exfoliate your face . Skin exfoliation helps unclog pores of dirt, impurities, dead cells that accumulate every day on the face, excess sebum and makeup residue.

Again you have to be careful with exfoliating products, because some contain salicylic acid or alcohol can dry out the skin. An exfoliating face scrub should be chosen according to your skin type.

Moisturize your skin . Moisturizing oily skin may seem counterintuitive, however, it can help reduce the size of pores.

While hydrating cleansers can clog pores, hydrating lotions are beneficial, as they hydrate and soften the skin. This allows the sebum to penetrate deeper rather than sitting on the surface of the pores.

Good hydration has 3 important benefits:

  1. moisturize the skin internally
  2. removes toxins from pores
  3. improves complexion

Remember to use a skin tonic . Every time the skin is in contact with water, it must then be toned. Warm water encourages pores to soften and relax, which is good for unclogging them, but to prevent them from filling up with impurities again, your skin needs toning.

By using a facial toner , we create a kind of natural protective barrier for the skin, which allows it to stay hydrated and firm, while blocking toxins and pollutants.

Apply a clay mask . Using a clay mask once or twice a week can help remove oil from your pores, preventing them from dilating.

However, it's a good idea to apply it on a day other than your exfoliation. Excessive treatment of the skin can irritate it.

Always remove make-up in the evening . It is essential to remove make-up before going to sleep. Sleeping with makeup on at night can lead to blocked pores, because makeup, oil, and bacteria build up in them.

Protect your skin from sun damage . Exposure to the sun causes thickening of the skin and damage to the cells of the epidermis. The pores will also be damaged: and this will make it more difficult for the pores to release the sebum, which will then dilate.

If your pores are already enlarged due to sun damage, there are a few specific ingredients to use:

  • Vitamin A : Not only does vitamin A help reverse sun damage, it also refines skin to make pores appear smaller and less visible. There are several forms of vitamin A, and if your sun damage is quite severe, it's best to see a doctor.
  • Antioxidants : Antioxidants are key when it comes to treating sun-damaged skin.
  • Glycolic Acid : Firms the skin while stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Dilated pores: what to do and what not

Are you sure your daily skincare routine won't make your enlarged pores worse?

  • Don't use soap bars or other skin care products that clog pores . The ingredients that keep the bar of soap in its solid form can clog pores. You should also avoid products that are overly emollient (i.e. thick or greasy creams), especially if you have oily skin.
  • Use only mild, water-soluble cleansers and avoid products with dry, harsh ingredients.
  • Exfoliate the skin of the face with non-abrasive products , leave the superficial dead skin that normally accumulates in the pores to act.
  • Avoid harsh scrubs and stiff bristle brushes . They don't get rid of blackheads, and the hardness makes skin dry, increasing the amount of dead skin that can block pores.

How to prevent enlarged pores

Can enlarged pores be prevented? From some of the information we have given you, you will have understood that there are actions and products that can make the situation worse. It is therefore necessary to observe certain indications meticulously.

These are the 4 most important tips, which you must follow with extreme care:

  1. Never sleep with makeup on your face. Skin cleansing is the first step in avoiding enlarged pores.
  2. Always use a gentle scrub, it will remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells, thus preventing pores from becoming clogged.
  3. After cleansing your face and before hydrating your skin, use a toner. It will make pores less visible and help restore the skin's natural balance.
  4. Finally, it moisturizes the skin of the face. Choose a moisturizer designed for your skin type. If you have very oily skin, choose an oil-free moisturizer.

Skin treatments to minimize enlarged pores

If you've tried everything to minimize enlarged pores and still haven't gotten satisfactory results, you may need to try some skincare treatments.

One of them is microdermabrasion . It's a small device with a crystal tip that exfoliates dead cells on the outer layer of skin. Not only does this help with sun-damaged skin, but it also increases the production of collagen and elastin, which will tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of pores.

Not only that, but it can also even out skin tone, reduce dark spots, minimize fine lines, and brighten the overall complexion.

Another treatment is a chemical peel to reduce the visibility of enlarged pores. It's similar to an exfoliant, but with much more intense results.

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