Dry skin in summer: which products to choose?

Why does your skin need hydration in summer?

Long days in the sun, high temperatures and the the summer fatigues, whether at work or on holiday, have an inevitable impact on the health and beauty of your skin. The amount of  daily water we need to drink increases as temperatures rise, but busy lives and daily commitments often prevent us from taking care of our well-being on a regular basis.

Dehydration causes blemishes both inside and outside the body: its consequences mainly affect the skin, which is exposed to sunlight, sweating, heat and dry air in air-conditioned rooms.

How can this be remedied? Moisturising your skin with specific products, that are as natural as possible and approved by specialists, is the first step towards a glowing, supple and perfectly moisturised skin.

Did you know that snail slime  is an ideal skin moisturizer in the summer? Discover Nuvò snail slime cosmetics for your face, body and hair! 

Which moisturising cream should we choose in summer?

In order to guarantee the skin the right moisture,  your daily skincare routine should be simple, natural and effective. Just apply the right product regularly to see those uncomfortable symptoms caused by dry skin disappear. Say goodbye to redness and tingling, blisters and various other annoyances is possible and very simple if you choose the right products.

At Nuvò we have developed a line of creams and  serums based on snail slime that can bring the right amount of moisture to skin stressed by the sun exposure and summer heat.

Thanks to the many natural qualities of this substance, used in nature by snails to protect themselves from external agents and as a tool for small remedies in peasant culture, Nuvò Cosmetic products provide the skin with the right amount of hydration and a simple, quick and safe skin care, which will give new life to dry and reddened skin with just a few gestures.

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Composition and benefits of snail slime moisturising creams

Snail slime is universally regarded as a substance of high quality, used in cosmetics and dermatology for its soothing, moisturising and protective properties.

Daily use of a snail slime cream provides proteins, vitamins, glycolic acid and other substances that prevent and resolve minor skin imperfections, including dry skin.

Used in many situations ranging from counteracting the signs of acne, stretch marks and dermatitis to filling in wrinkles, snail slime  is also an excellent daily routine for preventing dehydration and its consequences.

These creams, which also contain other moisturising elements such as aloe, argan oil and mango butter, are dermatologically tested, are free of paraffins, petrolatum and silicones and can be used without fear by men and women of all ages and on all parts of the body to prevent dermatological complaints and blemishes.

In the case of particular pathologies it is necessary to always rely on the support of a medical specialist for some trusted advice before applying any product.

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