Omega 6 and Omega 9

Properties and cosmetic benefits of Omega 6 and Omega 9

Omega 6 and 9 represent a type of substance increasingly used in the cosmetic sector as well as in serums and snail slime creams  by Nuvò Cosmetic, given the various benefits they provide to the skin.

You may have heard Omega 3 mentioned, but you seldom hear about Omega 6 and 9: these nutrients, too, are essential for a healthy body.

Omega 6. They are essential fatty acids as the human body is unable to synthesize them. They manage to create a sort of protective barrier on the skin besides guaranteeing the correct development and growth of the body's own tissues.

Omega 6 are of vegetable origin: they are mainly found in nuts, wheat and some oils.

Omega 9. They are considered less important because the body is actually able to synthesize them. However, it is advisable to take them in rather high quantities, for example from walnuts and flax seeds, to avoid deficiencies.

Properties of Omega 6 and Omega 9

Omega 6s enable a remarkable brain development since they act on different parts of the brain such as for example memory.

The brain itself gets quite a few improvements when this particular substance is taken. It enhances memory and reasoning. speed.

Omega 6s are also a valid aid for the removal of excess cholesterol since they help speed up metabolism by promoting the correct elimination of fats. They are also used as coadjuvants in the treatment of various conditions such as ulcers.

Omega 9s are also essential for correct development and above all for optimal maintenance of the organism. They are an essential energy source as their presence enables the creation of resources from which to draw in moments of distress.

Omega 9s are indeed a valid ally for the immune system since they help increase the body's defenses by preventing any minor pathologies such as mild flu and other similar ailments.

They are essential for those suffering from diabetes as they allow you to eliminate a fairly high quantity of sugars, without however creating imbalances that could have quite serious repercussions.


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Effects on the skin

Omega 6s have skin protecting properties, especially with regards to acne.

In fact, they allow you to prevent acne from leaving blemishes such as spots and scars on your skin. Redness and irritation will also be prevented by Omega 6s as they make the skin fully hydrated and therefore less sensitive.

Omega 9s are used to prevent the skin from being damaged by particular atmospheric conditions, such as excessive cold and sunlight, that may cause imperfections.
Burns, rashes and redness of the skin, due to both heat and cold, will be avoided thanks to the presence of Omega 9. The skin will therefore look more toned and homogeneous.

This effective product is extremely useful and beneficial in the treatment of acne and scars left on the skin . Some studies, in fact, have revealed that this condition of the dermis is caused by an excessive production of sebum by the glands.

It has a lot of room for improvement thanks to the use of rosehip oil that contains vitamin A and pro-vitamin A or beta carotene. Rosehip essential oil is suitable for all skin types, even oily or combination skin. It is easily absorbed by the deep layers of the dermis and is able to slowly restore the tissues.

The extract of rosa mosqueta seeds, used on dry and brittle wet hair, gives strength, vigor and shine to the hair.
The natural oil is also applied to the rest of the body and, in particular, to the stretch marks.

The product should be applied with a careful massage on the affected areas every day, if possible both morning and evening, so as to make the skin acquire greater elasticity over time.

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