Pracaxi oil

What is Pracaxi Oil

The Pracaxi tree is a plant of tropical origin typical of the northern areas of South America. It thrives in the swampy soils of the rain forest.

It is considered a plant of great importance for South American culture, above all because in addition to providing good firewood, it can be used for the production of an oil renowned for its extraordinary properties.

Pracaxi oil, many snail slime creams by Nuvò Cosmeic are rich in, is produced starting from the pulp of the fruits and seeds of the plant: it is extracted by cold pressing so that all its precious properties are kept unaltered.

The extraction produces a substance rich in fatty acids which can take on a color ranging from golden brown to translucent petroleum yellow;  its aroma can be compared to that of hazelnut, i.e delicate and with a persistent fragrance. Pracaxi oil is mainly used in cosmetics, but in recent years it has also taken hold in the pharmacological market as its soothing and antibacterial properties are widely appreciated in the treatment of certain skin problems.

What are its properties?

Pracaxi oil contains a high concentration of lignoceric and behenic acid which make it a sort of natural silicone capable of reproducing a hydrophobic film on the dermis and hair. This substance, extracted from the pods of the South American plant, undoubtedly represents the vegetable oil with the highest content of oleic acid on the market: it also reaches concentrations of about 50%.

With this product it is possible to regenerate, condition and make silky smooth the part of the body where you use it. Pracaxi oil also has a strong antibacterial and antifungal power, which is why it is used for the treatment of fungal infections and skin redness. Another important feature of this oil is its enormous antiseptic power, which makes it  strongly recommended by dermatologists to relieve itching and reduce redness.

What are its effects on the skin?

Pracaxi oil is widely used to solve numerous dermatological problems because, in addition to acting as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it is able to trigger a very rapid cell renewal process. Its use is widely recommended for the treatment of ailments such as psoriasis, rosacea and eczema.

The epidermis benefits from the superficial replacement of its structure, so this treatment mitigates the damage caused by stretch marks, acne and injuries. Skin that has suffered from a fungal infection often appears noticeably discoloured, with the use of this oil the pigmentation is re-established through a process of capillary micro stimulation.

The constant use of Pracaxi oil gives the complexion a uniform and plumped appearance. The anti-ageing effect is guaranteed and the first results are visible from the very first applications.

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All those who want to reduce the imperfections caused by scars can make use of this special product, which works on the subcutaneous structure and manages to restore balance and elasticity to the skin that has suffered damage due to burns and superficial abrasions.

The phenolic compounds present in this oil make it particularly suitable for disinfecting areas that have undergone surgery, since the skin is stimulated in its renewal and accelerates the healing and cicatrization processes,  hence preventing the appearance of blemishes caused by cuts or stitching.

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