Collagen: functions and benefits for the skin

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein with extraordinary properties. It is present in small percentages within our body, but its production by our cells decreases as we age.

For this reason it is important to use creams that contain this very important active ingredient, with anti-aging effects as it acts by counteracting the action of free radicals and visibly improves skin health by restoring tone and firmness to the skin.

There are different derivations of collagen, but by far the most present in our body is fibrillar collagen , which makes up our cartilage to a greater extent and gives strength and resistance to bones, muscles and skin.
The collagen that we can introduce into our body is mainly of animal or vegetable origin. The latter has highly moisturizing properties and is extracted from soy, algae or acacia.

We can try to increase the production of collagen by preferring certain foods in our diet, such as Parmesan cheese, animal meat, legumes, or those that contain vitamins, especially vitamin C and mineral salts, such as broccoli, kiwi or orange juice.

Did you know that snail slime is rich in collagen? It is no coincidence that the best snail slime creams are among the most renowned anti-aging products on the market, enhanced by the action ofsnail slime serum for the face .

orange juice rich in vitamin c for collagen

In cosmetics it is good to prefer creams with a high percentage of collagen, which, although not absorbed by our skin, immediately makes its appearance more beautiful, hydrated and smooth. Collagen is perfect not only on the skin of the face but also on the skin of the hands and body because its effects are also evident on stretch marks and spots.

The properties of collagen

The use of collagen is not new in the cosmetic field, thanks to its excellent yield on the skin. Generally, the collagen contained in serums and creams is not absorbed by the skin, but remains on the surface forming a film on the epidermal layer, optimally protecting it from atmospheric agents and harmful UV rays. Collagen has strong moisturizing properties, it is an active ingredient particularly suitable for those who want an effective product against wrinkles.

Collagen is also indicated for the treatment of stretch marks, especially in their prevention. In those active ingredients in which it is present in hydrolysed form, it manages to penetrate the skin and cause the synthesis of collagen by our own body, increasing the anti-aging and moisturizing action.

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The effects of collagen on the skin

From the age of 35 onwards, there is an increase in expression lines, the complexion becomes dull, the dilated pores are much more evident; sun rays, cold and wind constantly damage our skin, as do some bad habits. A good solution to slow down this process is to include creams, lotions and serums containing collagen in your beauty routine.

Clinical tests have shown that by using this particular protein for at least two months, a 60% reduction in skin dryness and expression lines is obtained, while already after a few weeks the degree of hydration of the skin is optimally improved, making it appear more bright and toned.

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