Swiss Apple Stem Cells

What are Swiss Apple Stem Cells?

By stem cell we mean a cell that has not yet differentiated, i.e. not specialized in a specific function, but still able to learn a precise task. In the medical and cosmetic fields ,the goal of scientists is to make these cells to undergo the specialization that is most necessary to the organism in a given moment If the topic is still rather delicate in the clinical field, very satisfactory and safe results have already been achieved in the beauty world.

A striking example of this is represented by the Swiss Apple Stem Cells extracted from the variety called Uttwiler Spätlauber, originating from Switzerland and dating back to the eighteenth century.

The resiliance of this fruit has apparently been known for a long time, so much so that, thanks to its rich content of phytonutrients and proteins, it was able to survive the winter without rotting. Once again, it is nature that offers us the most precious active ingredients.

In fact, plant stem cells have properties that make them much more versatile and harmless than animal stem cells, which are still very difficult to manipulate. Plant stem cells, even when differentiated, maintain pluripotency: they can therefore take on many different tasks besides being able to interact with the cells of the human body.

Their properties

From the results obtained in the laboratory it is evident that Swiss apple stem cells are able to penetrate the dermis and interact with its cells, in particular with fibroblasts, by stimulating skin regeneration from within.

Stem cells also have a stimulating effect on the production of the most important fibrous proteins for the maintenance of connective and epidermal tissue, i.e. collagen and elastin. Their strong reconstructive and protective action explains the great anti-ageing potential of these cells, which can noticeably smooth out wrinkles, preserve lively skin activity and delay its ageing.

Efficacy studies have also shown that this high-tech active ingredient, in addition to having anti-wrinkle and fibroblast-stimulating effects, protects the skin from UV radiation, a factor that implies an additional counteracting action against skin ageing.

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Effects on the skin

What is the advantage of including the active principle of Swiss apple stem cells in cosmetic formulations, and therefore in our creams? Their power lies in the regenerative capacity of the epidermal tissue and in preserving its elasticity and youth.

For our cells, it is as if the elixir of long life had been found, in that we have the actual possibility of delaying their programmed physiological death and keeping them active by acting from within. Apple stem cells penetrate the dermis and thus interact deeply with our tissues, bringing new vitality to our skin.

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