Mango butter: properties and cosmetic benefits

What is Mango Butter?

Mango butter is an all-natural fat-based substance that is obtained from the seeds of the fruit. It is a product that can be used individually or associated with other natural oils, to obtain various benefits, especially on an aesthetic level .

Not surprisingly, it is one of the most important ingredients of the Nuvò Cosmetic snail slime anti-wrinkle cream.

The fruit from which mango butter is obtained grows on trees that can reach a height equal to a 5/6- storey building and only grow in tropical regions where the climate is hot and humid. The same fruit is appreciated for its sweetness and versatility in culinary compositions, besides being considered an excellent source of vitamin C.

Once ripe, the pulp is typically golden yellow in colour.
The processing of mango butter for the purpose of cosmetic production contributes to its very creamy characteristics but does not affect the skin's fragrance as it is neutral.

Properties of mango butter

Mango butter contains essential components that are mostly acidic and rich in lipids. Among these are palmitic, isosteric and oleic acids: very rich in vitamins and antioxidants, have a cellular and skin repair function.

Its use is intended above all for the reactivation of micro-circulation, which favors greater oxygenation of the tissues as well as the production of substances known to have an anti-ageing effect. Mango butter also helps counteract dull and tired skin .

These substances are, among others, collagen, elastin and vitamin E , capable of repairing particularly dehydrated skin due to exposure to the sun or cold temperatures.
Mango butter is excellent for preventing hand cracking and for creating a barrier against the action of atmospheric agents.
Another substance contained in this particular raw material is squalene, which triggers a regenerative process of the cells preventing the formation of wrinkles and skin spots . Furthermore, it excellently fights the action of free radicals, favoring a turgid skin characteried by that particularly natural and rosy colour typical of young age.

Mango butter for skin wellbeing

The skin also undergoes an emulsion thanks to the presence of oleic acid. The many substances contained in mango butter contribute to repairing the damage that the skin has suffered over the years for the most varied reasons.
The results can be appreciated immediately to the touch. The skin is surprisingly smooth, silky, velvety and with fewer imperfections.

Both dry skins and those showing signs of ageing (also on the hands) benefit from mango butter. The latter often look like spots that can be partially eliminated with the application of this ingredient.

Similar effects to the above, however, can be obtained with snail slime creamssnail slime is added to the other powerfully antioxidant substances, which are revolutionizing the way we intervene on mature skin and to prevent premature ageing.

snail slime anti-wrinkle cream and mango butter

After testing the anti-ageing action of mango butter, it will be possible to verify that it is present as an ingredient in many commonly used cosmetic products. Among these are soaps (in liquid and tablet form), but also balms to soften and protect the lips from the cold and the sun's rays and hair hygiene products.

In this regard, mango butter is an excellent after-sun agent used for particularly delicate skin or to treat burns and soothe irritations from prolonged exposure during the hottest hours of the day.

One of the characteristics of mango butter is that it tends to solidify at low temperatures, while it melts with heat. The latter is also useful in the process of skin absorption and penetration, when it comes to the application of cosmetic creams.

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Particular applications of mango butter

Those who have brittle, dry hair, damaged by aggressive treatments or colouring, can apply a lotion based on this natural product, or use traditional hair oils, with the addition of linseed and jojoba oil they are rich in.

Hair care with mango butter will prevent the occurrence of split ends and eliminate the unsightly formation of dandruff and dry scalp.

The same dryness could be due to chemical-based hair dyes. Applied to both lengths and roots, it can help regenerate the upper layer of the skin, preventing the formation of scales.

For those who want soft, shiny, silky and knot-free hair, they can make wraps and masks lasting an entire night, to give their hair greater vitality and hydration, keeping them healthy.

The guarantee of success is due to the naturalness of this substance which, in combination with other plant derivatives, promises a truly complete body cure. 

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