Uses of snail slime in the summer

Snail slime in summer: an effective remedy against mosquitoes and sunburn

Snail slime is the mucus produced by gastropods to better glide over surfaces and protect the portions of their bodies that are in direct contact with the ground.

For centuries now, its soothing and regenerating properties have been known and exploited in the cosmetic field not only to cope with inflammatory conditions and insect bites, but also as a preventive treatment for wrinkles, stretch marks and general signs of ageing.

In some parts of the world, beauty salons even offer treatments directly involving the crawling of live snails on patients' faces and bodies.

Extracting slime from snails

Nuvò Cosmetic guarantees that the extraction of the slime used for its products is  carried out according to methods that do not harm the snail.

This means that all treated organisms are not subjected to stress and that the process is repeated after a period of time, so as not to stress each individual gastropod.

The slime is extracted simply by stimulating the snail  either with the fingers or a small stick, before returning the animal back to its breeding farm.

The process, which is not particularly complicated but rather time-consuming, results in a pure and highly beneficial product.

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Snail slime: an effective natural remedy against mosquitoes

One of the biggest nuisances that summer brings with it is the proliferation of insects, especially the many hated mosquitoes.

These little creatures disturb sleep, constantly buzz around tables during outdoor lunches and dinners, and fill the bodies of unfortunate targets with annoying bites. Of course, attempts are made to stop them in various ways, using sprays and electrical appliances, but it is practically impossible to be completely immune.

So how to soothe the annoying rritation and reduce the pinch marks? Products based on snail slime, especially those containing a high percentage of pure snail slime, are natural remedies against mosquitoes.

bava lumaca pura d'estate contro punture insetti

Its well-known protective properties make it possible to counteract the effects of stings in just a few minutes. The effective action is due to the ingredients contained in the slime - from allantoin, a well-known natural healer, to various vitamins and peptides.

How to use the product against mosquitos and which substances are involved

After being bitten by mosquitoes, apply a small amount of snail slime cream to cleansed skin, spreading the product until it icompletely absorbed. The sensation of relief is immediate: the substances contained in the cream promote hydration, nourishment and restoration of the skin's original elasticity.

In addition, thanks to the exfoliating power of snail slime, the unsightly dark spots that remain on the skin after pinching will tend to disappear more quickly.


Summer is coming: watch out for sunburns and use snail slime to soothe and moisturise your skin!

The sun and the sea are the two absolute stars of summer and, while they allow tanning enthusiasts to achieve the desired tan, they are also beneficial to health.

However, excessive exposure, especially in the middle of the day when the sun's rays are most aggressive, can result in sunburn.

Even people who normally use protective creams, or spend a lot of time under the parasol, can be prone to sunrashes.

Athough preventing sunburn is important, it is equally important to act promptly when the damage is already done. In fact, if neglected, the risk is to worsen the situation, leading to the unfortunate development of melanomas. It is ultraviolet (or UV) rays that cause sunburns, especially when they affect particularly sensitive skins.

Remember that, depending on the phototype, the percentage of melanin present in everybody's skin is different; consequently, the skin tends to react differently to the sun.

Sunburns and snail slime

Relying on a certified snail slime cream to remedy the damage caused by sunburn means using a product rich in vitamins, minerals and peptides.

Simply apply the right amount to the area affected by the sunburn, and repeat the operation regularly for a few days. The redness will gradually fade, and the annoying itching sensation, so common in similar cases, will disappear.

Slime is also known for its ability to accelerate the regeneration process of the epidermis. It is precisely this peculiarity that makes it useful on scaly skin.

In addition to redness, mild burns make the skin less elastic (the classic 'pulling' skin) and cause feelings of heat, itching, pain and localised burning. In more severe cases, on the other hand, pustules and blisters may appear on the skin, often accompanied by dehydration, chills, nausea and episodes of fever.

The many properties of snail slime

Slime extracted from snails is also known for its soothing and regenerating properties. Glycolic acid also exfoliates the skin, promoting regeneration.

Inflammation can also be reduced with constant use thanks to the presence of mucopolysaccharides and allantoin. A smoother and more elastic skin is the result of collagen and elastin. Finally, vitamins nourish the skin, compensating for deficiencies resulting from an ongoing irritation.

Protect your skin all year round!

If sunburn is a typical problem in the summer season, do not forget that the sun is capable of manifesting its effects on the skin at any time of the year, including during the winter season.

For this reason, it is important to use a snail cream even when the sun seems to be completely harmless. You may rely on a truly natural 'protective shield' that will limit the negative effects of prolonged exposure to the sun's rays in a very effective way.

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