The watchword for summer: hydration!

Properly hydrate yourself in the summer if you want a perfectly healthy body

Rising temperatures, typical of the summer season, prolonged exposure to the sun's rays and the chlorine in swimming pool water are some of the factors that should lead everybody to pay more attention to their skin.

In such cases, the skin needs more hydration.
Increasing your water intake, especially in the warmer months, is an excellent habit that will prevent the occurrence of certain ailments, from sudden fatigue to headaches or annoying night-time muscle cramps.

Drinking plenty of water means restoring the percentage of water in the body, as part of it is expelled as a result of increased sweating.

Why avoid sugary drinks in the summer

While water is essential, it is better to limit the consumption of other beverages, especially alcohol, coffee and tea. At the same time, the main reccomendation is to ban sugary drinks or, at least , to resort to them only occasionally and in limited quantities.

Although instantly thirst-quenching, such drinks actually end up increasing the feeling of thirst due to their high sugar content. Several athletes supplement water with milk, which is not only hydrating but also ideal in allowing the body to retain fluids better.

The importance of diet for a healthy, moisturised skin

Anyone who loves his or her body should pay attention to diet all year round. But it is especially in summer that eating 'well' is even more important.

A daily consumption of at least five portions of fruit and vegetables (preferably combining food of different colours in the same meal) is the best way to hydrate properly. Both fruit and vegetables are particularly rich in micronutrients and provide a remarkable percentage of fibres. But it is above all the high water content that moisturises the skin.

Those who are not used to consuming water between meals can find an excellent alternative in fruit infusions.

To prepare them, simply blend your favourite fruit and add it to an infusion. You will get a drink that is not only tasty, but also fresh and highly hydrating.

Skin and poor hydration: help may come from snails

Sub-optimal moisturisation may also lead to visible consequences on the epidermis. The skin, in fact, tends to be drier and cracked, besides appearing lacklustre and, in some cases, even dull.  And this phenomenon tends to affect not only the skin of the face, but that of the entire body.

Stretch marks and various forms of blemishes are therefore very frequent.
In these cases, it is snail slime proposed in the form of creams or serums that may represent a valid aid.

It was Chilean farmers, in 1980, who first discovered some of the properties of this slime. In Chile, this natural substance was extracted and later destined for the French gastronomic market. Coming into contact with and handling the slime, workers noticed that the skin on their hands was smoother and more moisturised. Moreover, when there were cuts and abrasiones, these tended to heal quickly.

The active ingredients of Nuvò Cosmetic products

Among the numerous active ingredients of snail slime we find allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen and elastin which, combined, allow the skin to benefit from a soothing effect.

In addition, they create a film-forming effect, which gives a considerable contribution to facial radiance. But the slime extracted from snails is also rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and proteins: a real blessing to the oxygenation of the whole skin  body.

The latter will look more nourished. From unsightly stretch marks and dehydration to redness, Nuvò cosmetic products will surprise you by acting effectively on any skin type.

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