How to use face serum

Do you know how to use face serum ?

It's not a trivial question: when you're looking for a good product for your face skin, you can't wait to try it to see the results, it's normal. But however many beneficial effects that product may have, if you don't use it correctly it will never be effective and it won't improve the appearance of your skin.

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Benefits of face serum

What benefits will a face serum bring to the skin? Before understanding how to use it in the right way, it is good to know what the benefits of a face serum are.

  • Deeply moisturizes the skin : it is a product that can nourish the skin as much as drinking 8-10 glasses of water. Hyaluronic acid, contained in the face serum, is a powerful ingredient that keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Eliminate skin irritation : It is rich in nourishing agents and can reduce skin inflammation.
  • Prevents Rashes : Face serum is also useful on oily skin thanks to its nourishing agents that prevent rashes.

When to use face serum?

To use a face serum correctly, you first need to know when to apply it to your skin. Better in the morning or in the evening?

Many face serums can be applied 2 times a day: once in the morning on a cleansed face, before putting on makeup, and a second time in the evening before going to bed.

But don't rely on this generic information: when buying a face serum, carefully read the directions for use that you find in the package.

You may find one serum that works best during the day and another, for example, that should be avoided in sunlight, so it's best to apply it at night.

How much serum to apply on the skin of the face?

Another important aspect that you need to know to use a face serum at its best is the amount of serum to apply on the skin . How much serum should you use?

If you use a small amount, it may not be enough to perform its beneficial actions; if instead you use an excessive amount, you could nullify its effects, but more importantly, the serum will take a long time to penetrate the skin and may not even absorb all of it.

So how much face serum to apply?

We have said that a face serum contains a high concentration of active ingredients, so there is no need to abuse them. Apply a thin layer so that it penetrates the skin quickly.

How to apply face serum on the skin?

Try to find a face serum that you apply with a dropper , so you can better adjust the amount.

If the face serum is to be applied with the fingers instead, then apply a small amount on the fingertips, tapping gently on the face and neck, but without rubbing, to avoid irritating the skin.

Another way is to apply the face serum with the palm of your hands . Apply a small amount to your palms, then rub them together to warm and activate the serum. Now press into the skin with your palms, patting in an outward and upward motion until you've completely applied the serum to your face and neck.

In general, the amount of serum can vary according to your skin type and also according to the product you have chosen. Consider that it is enough to lightly cover the surface of the face and neck.

Now you have to wait 5 minutes for the product to be completely absorbed. A good face serum absorbs quickly into the skin, so you will soon see the difference.

The face serum in your skin care routine

The skincare routine , as you know, involves the use of a series of beneficial products for the skin. In which "position" will you find the face serum among the various products?

Here's where you place a face serum:

  1. Detergent
  2. Exfoliating
  3. Tonic
  4. Face serum
  5. Eye contour cream
  6. Moisturizing / anti-wrinkle / illuminating face cream
  7. Specific sunscreen for the face

The most common questions about how to apply face serum

Do you apply serum before or after moisturizer? Face serum has small molecules that are easily absorbed by the skin, while a moisturizer acts on the surface layer, creating a protective barrier.

That's why in the list we've shown you, you see face serum before a moisturizer: its active ingredients deeply hydrate and nourish the skin and the moisturizer causes them to stay inside to act.

Do you apply the oil before or after the serum? The same goes for the moisturizer: the oil for the face creates a protective barrier on the skin which, if applied before the serum, would hinder its absorption.

So you should always apply face serum before an oil.

Tips to follow on how to use face serum

So far we have given you the most "technical" information on how to use the face serum, but it is not enough. There are other tips that should be followed.

Are you sure that the product you have chosen is the right one?

You have certainly read the indications on the packaging of the face serum, suitable for your skin type, but the ingredients are very potent and concentrated and, if for example you have sensitive skin, then it is better to do a patch test first.

As? Simple: Apply a small amount of serum to an area of ​​skin to see how it reacts.

If you notice a reaction, such as itching or a rash, that serum is not for you.

How to store the face serum? Do you want your serum to be effective and last? Then you need to store it in a cool, dry place.

Do not use face serums with fragrances: they are additional substances that offer no benefit to the skin, and can even hinder the absorption of the serum into the skin.

How to use the various types of face serum

  • Hyaluronic acid face serum : it's delicate, you can apply it 2 times a day.
  • Vitamin C face serum : has antioxidant properties and protects the skin from environmental factors. Use it once a day, better in the morning.
  • Retinol face serum : This type of serum is best used at night, as retinoids can increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight during the day. Apply it 2 times a week.

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