Dry and brittle hair? Natural tips and remedies

Causes and remedies for dehydrated and damaged hair

Dry and lifeless hair can ruin our day, undermining confidence and leaving us with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Factors such as exposure to the sun, excessive heat from styling tools, the use of harsh chemicals, and a lack of proper hydration can all contribute to the deterioration of our hair health.

However, nature offers a wide range of natural remedies that can help repair and revitalize damaged hair.

In this article, we'll explore the causes of dry, lifeless hair and share valuable tips and natural remedies to restore shine, softness and vitality to your hair. Among the many options available to us, we will focus on a surprising remedy that is gaining popularity: the snail slime hair mask .

You may think that using snail slime on your hair is strange or unusual, but this natural substance has been shown to have numerous benefits for hair health.

Dry and brittle hair, what are the causes?

Dry and brittle hair can be the result of both internal and external factors of the organism. Often, however, the latter are the prevailing ones.

External factors:

  • Intense solar radiation:  it is a known fact that excessive exposure to the sun's rays is likely to make your hair much drier and weaker in the long run
  • The wind: exposure to this atmospheric agent also tends to result in dry and brittle hair
  • Salt water: prolonged contact with it weakens and dehydrates hair
  • Swimming pool water: chlorine tends to penetrate the pores of the skin and deplete it of its natural lipid content. The epidermis becomes dry and wrinkled, thus promoting premature ageing.
    Even your hair is affected by the effects of chlorine, because they undergoe an impoverishment of the nutrient layer that covers them. In this way they lose their shine and end up being dehydrated and frizzy
  • Frequent use of some cosmetic treatments: (bleaching, perms, excessive proximity of the hair dryer to the scalp, etc.)
  • Use of excessively aggressive detergents or products: (such as dyes) or not suitable for your hair type
  • Too frequent hair washes
  • Contact with irritants in general

Internal factors:

  • Dry and brittle hair can also be the result of poor sebaceous activity or, more rarely, of certain pathological conditions, such as anaemia or thyroid disorders (hypo- or hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's disease).
  • At the origin of the problem of dry and brittle hair there may also be nutritional factors , such as for example a diet that is too strict or lacking in vitamins and essential fatty acids.
In many cases, dryness only affects the ends and not the entire hair shaft. In such situations, the causes – rather than of internal origin – are of external origin and they are mainly attributable to incorrect treatments or excessive and unprotected exposure to various types of environmental and atmospheric factors.

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Dry and brittle hair, general advice:

Whatever the origin of the problem, in case of dry hair the following advice may be useful:

  • Use mild shampoos and, contrary to what is suggested for oily hair, reduce the frequency of washing.
  • The amount of shampoo used: the shampoo should be chosen among the least aggressive types and used  in small quantities. On the contrary, a good amount of a specifically designed conditior should tbe applied to your dry hair to give them more body.
  • Keratin-based lotions and oral supplements will instead help strengthen them from within, increasing their thickness.
  • Dry hair can also be treated and rehydrated using specific products based on vegetable oils , such as those obtained from almonds, walnuts, wheat germ or Argania seeds.
  • Especially in summer, it is a good rule to protect your hair with a hat or with oils, gels and sprays containing sunscreens and moisturizing substances, such as Shea butter, Jojoba and vegetable oils. Even the sand and the salt water of the sea , as well as the chlorinated water of the swimming pools, make hair parched and dry.
  • Gently brush hair using soft-toothed combs:
    When drying your hair, avoid using the hair dryer too close, especially as regards the roots. In any case, the hair dryer should be used at medium temperature on dry hair.
  • Adopt a healthy and balanced diet, minimizing high fat foods and favoring those rich in vitamins, such as vegetables and fruit (including walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts).

Dry and brittle hair, how to choose a suitable shampoo?

woman with dry hair making shampoo

As already said, the shampoos suitable for dry and brittle hair are natural-based and non-aggressive compounds  that should contain the following substances:

  • Almond oil
  • Ceramide
  • Apricot oil
  • Sapote butter (a plant from the central area of ​​the Americas from which Argan and Kaitè also derive, used in masks for dry hair)
  • Products containing Keratin
  • Products containing avocado
  • Fruit extracts containing antioxidants (such as raspberries and kiwis)
  • Herbs such as yarrow, juniper, angelica, thyme and rosemary, with a balancing and soothing action; perfect for those with irritated scalps, it is suitable for all hair types
  • Hyaluronic Acid , helps retain water in the lengths of the hair, preventing breakage and split ends.

Dry and brittle hair, how to choose the conditioner?

Even a hair conditioner could give excellent results as long as you always take into account its composition and the problem you want to tackle.
Keep in mind that the balm is not a mask . It is usually rather cheap but indispensable  because the shampoo is always a scalp degreaser. This is why a product able to replenish its hydration and combat dry and brittle hair is absolutely recommended.

What to avoid?

There are products of any kind on the market. Those that have a good formulation usually cost a little more, but the best brand is easy to recognize: buy gentle formulations but above all products obtained from natural and certified ingredients.

What should we know?

One of the tricks that few of us know, or remember to follow, is that the conditioner should be applied from the bottom up. Then from the tips to the roots. This simple trick helps open the cuticles that make up the hair structure and allows for better permeation of the product and an immediate and deep hydration. Furthermore, the balm should not be left on, as we do with masks. Just put it on and rinse it immediately afterwards to eliminate the dry effect of the soap and the limescale present in the water.

Keep an eye on content

Choose natural oils rich in essential fatty acids, such as Argan, Jojoba and Avocado oil, to strengthen and soften the hair fiber, providing intense nourishment from the root to the  tip.  Along with these, there are some innovative products that contain silk proteins in combination with ceramides and vitamins A and E and have a good antioxidant effect. These active ingredients improve the manageability of the hair and give them greater volume while carrying out a protective action from external agents. In particular, from the humidity that generates the hateful frizz effect.

Dry and brittle hair, what remedies?

  • Apply an avocado mask: Avocado is one of the first ingredients you can use to nourish dry hair. This fruit is a real bomb of vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids that help hair to be brighter, hydrated and nourished. Avocado is an excellent remedy to treat dry hair thanks to its high concentration of vitamins and vegetable fats of natural origin. Half an avocado pounded with a spoonful of olive oil will be enough to obtain a cream to apply to the hair, leave it to rest for 5 to 10 minutes and wash as usual.
  • Coconut as oil for dry hair: With 90% saturated fatty acids in its composition, coconut oil is one of the best remedies to treat dry hair because it nourishes them with its vitamins and minerals. If your hair starts to look dry, apply a coconut oil mask once a week. Another option is to apply some of this oil before going to sleep . A towel is enough to avoid staining the pillow by leaving it on all night and washing it the following day
  • Mask for dry hair with argan oil, olive oil and vitamin E: Argan oil is known for its moisturizing, strengthening, repairing and regenerating properties thanks to its omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. For its part, olive oil has a high vitamin C and E content which is perfect for nourishing and treating dry hair naturally thanks to its powerful antioxidants. Just mix 5 vitamin E capsules, 2 tablespoons of argan oil and 2 of olive oil and apply to damp hair, leaving it to act for 30 minutes before washing.
  • Treat dry hair with honey: the benefits of honey for our health and skin are well known. To put this remedy into practice, wet your hair and remove excess moisture with a towel, comb, apply natural honey (massaging from roots to ends;) leave on for 20-25 minutes and then rinse with warm water.
  • Treating dry and brittle hair with products based on snail slime : for some years now it has proved to be an effective solution. In fact, snail slime is a mix of nourishing and moisturizing substances. This amalgam has proved to be truly invaluable in solving problems and restoring softness to the hair, as well giving them a healthy and luminous appearance.

What products for dry and brittle hair?

Snail slime is now recognized for the extraordinary and beneficial properties of the substance produced by snails. This, in fact, is a mix of nourishing and moisturizing substances, mineral salts, mucopolysaccharides, elastin, collagen, proteins, glycolic acid, allantoin, vitamins (A, C, E).

In the case of Nuvò snail slime cosmetics , the product is extracted from the animal manually , without the use of any saline solution or electric shock. Once the extraction has been carried out, the snail normally resumes its biological cycle and does not suffer any damage.

It is precisely thanks to the presence of all these substances that the extract in question is also ecellent for the skin, in addition to helping remedy dry and brittle hair. In fact, it leaves the hair deeply hydrated, regenerated and invigorated in their structure, visibly stronger, repaired and healthier, cleaner for longer, soft "as silk" and shiny.

Snail slime hair mask

The Nuvò snail slime hair mask contains 10 active ingredients that make yor hair softer, delicately scented and shinier.

These active ingredients are:

  • Snail slime
  • Vegetable Keratin
  • Hypericum extract
  • Nettle extract
  • Sage extract
  • Jojoba oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Arnica extract
  • Almond oil
  • Provitamin B5.
snail slime hair mask

For which hair types?

The Nuvò snail slime and vegetable keratin hair mask is suitable for all hair types: whether they are long or short, thick, fine or straight, curly or frizzy, damaged and brittle, for both men and women of all ages.

How to use the hair mask?

Apply even several times a week. After shampooing, rinse and apply to towel-dried hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes for best results. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Our mask does not weigh down the hair in any way.

The Nuvò Hair Mask can be used with the posology above at any time of the year, as soon as the problem of dry and brittle hair arises. It does not grease the hair and immediately makes it soft and easy to comb. Once opened, the contents can be used for 6 months, without dispersion of the active ingredients.

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