Snail slime for children's cosmetics

Research in cosmetics has enabled consumers to choose from an infinite number of possibilities. These range from products suitable for the most sensitive skin, to remedies indispensable for those who are often affected by skin irritations. But there are also creams specifically designed for adults and children (including babies).

Children's skin is very delicate and often needs special products, especially if they are prone to cracking and dry skin. Parents, therefore, are required to buy several cosmetic products, each of them dedicated to a specific use and a specific family member.

But there is a solution on the market that can meet the needs of everyone, even the youngest: snail slime.

Snail slime cream, what is it used for in children?

Nuvò Cosmetic snail slime creams are not only produced in full respect of the snails used to extract the slime, but are also highly versatile.

Considered to be an authentic elixir of beauty, snail slime is used to nourish the skin as well as to moisturise and reduce scars.

These creams are non-aggressive and do not affect the correct cellular homeostasis.

Can it be used on children?

The answer is yes. Snail slime contains no harmful substances, which might instead be present in other types of baby products.

The incredible properties of snail slime are a panacea for the very delicate skin of children that is often marked by scars and other signs caused by playing.

In any case, before using any kind of cosmetic on children, always seek the advice of your paediatrician who will be able to give you the best advice.

This product can also be used as an after-sun cream to soothe the effects of sunburn in the summer, between a dip and a game of football on the beach. This is one of the many occasions on which snail slime can save you money, as a single cream can satisfy the needs of several types of consumers.

Snail slime extract: what does it contain?

bava di lumaca benefici per bambini

Inside snail slime creams, (obtained when the slime is extracted from the gastropod Helix Aspersa species), you can find vitamins, mucopolysaccharides, allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen and elastin.

These substances help keep the skin young, well-nourished and moisturised besides contributing to the cell regeneration process and to counteract episodes of inflammation or epidermal dryness.

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Slime extraction mechanism

Nuvò Cosmetic deals with the production of snail slime serums and creams by paying the utmost attention to the entire extraction process of the raw material, which must take place according to rigorously manual and natural methods. This means that the snails are bred and handled without undue stress, planning cyclic stimulation of the gastropods in order to preserve their health.

Snail slime is extracted by tactile stimulation or by using a small stick, which induces the snail to secrete the substance that will later be collected. The whole process enables the company to obtain an extremely pure and high quality product: a prerequisite for its future use in cosmetics.

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