Snail Slime Ice Cream: Pastry chef Alessandro Racca's new invention

When genius tries its hand at pastry-making

Cooking and pastry are those arts where genius takes the lead and often upsets the rules of an established order. And those who stand out for their creativity succeed in revolutionising  the mainstream thinking in the collective imagination of an entire culture. Even that of ice cream, as anticipated a few days ago by

This time, the master ice-cream makers of Charming Italian Chefs, in the person of Alessandro Racca - a former teacher at Carpigiani Gelato University - have gone far beyond the dellicacies of the palate or the nutritional properties of one of their culinary inventions.

Thanks to a remarkable sensitivity to health and wellness issues and the intuition of true geniuses, the Gotha of the Italian ice-cream industry has produced a strawberry ice-cream in which, among the main ingredients, there snail slime  instead of water.

This is an unusual and innovative recipe that is unparalleled in the recent history of high-level pastry. Thanks to this invention, all the beneficial effects of a 100% natural product can be enjoyed simply by eating an ice cream. Cup or cone? It will be up to the little ones to decide how to think about their health.

A dessert with incomparable qualities

Thanks to the emulsifying and stabilising properties, the palate test was passed with flying colours, although there is still plenty of room for improvement in the quality of the product and a variety of flavours to choose from.

But what matters most in this pleasant affair is that, from now on, paediatric cancer patients will be able to treat their digestive disorders with the ice cream flavour of their choice.

Once again, in a completely new and unexplored field and for a category of users who need all the sweetness of life to keep fighting against their disease, snail slime has demonstrated all its nutritional qualities! 

The cause is a noble one and, more than the success achieved, the initiative has rewarded all participants in the project. Their creative imagination is already in motion for the next event.

In the new edition of the International Heliculture Meeting, the new flavours and textures resulting from the study of specific physical and chemical characteristics of the product will be presented. For many people, eating ice cream will be a double pleasure thanks to this product.

The raw material

The snail slime extracted from the snails is micro-filtered and treated with ozone, ensuring total sterilisation. In this way, the product remains free of bacterial contamination, can be stored for a long time and its nutrients and healing substances such as vitamins A, C and E, peptides, glycolic acid, collagen, mucopolysaccharides and allantoin are made available: all healthy substances that will soon be available also in ice cream parlours.


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