Snail slime face serum: properties and use

How to incorporate snail slime serum into your skincare routine

Snail slime contains collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, allantoin and proteins. Thanks to its moisturising, regenerating and exfoliating action, it is widely used in cosmetics: a wide range of  snail slime face and body creams, hair products and face serums with extraordinary properties.

In recent years, these products have proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of wrinkles and stretch marks. Your face can benefit from a moisturising and emollient solution that is not only an impressive anti-wrinkle, but also ideal in the case of redness, dermatitis and erythema. You can use it also as a simple revitaliser for dry skin.

The extraordinary properties of snail slime face serum

bava di lumaca pura in siero

A premium face serum that guarantees a deep treatment for wrinkles, with visible results both in the eye contour area and around the lips. Just a few applications are enough to notice the beneficial effects on your skin, which will appear more toned, radiant and moisturised.

In turn, the increased hydration will make wrinkles less pronounced. Nuvò Cosmetic, with its serums containing high concentration of snail slime is dedicated to those of you who wish to achieve visible results on the skin.

To reach this target, it is important to apply the serum after cleansing the skin with a normal cleanser. Massaging is not necessary, as the active ingredients will be activated directly by the heat produced by the body.

siero viso antirughe bava di lumaca

The advantages of using a snail slime face serum

Nuvò Cosmetic has paid particular attention to the formulation of its serums. Prominent is the presence of a peptide such as hexapeptide-8, known for its ability to reduce facial muscle contraction, one of the main causes of the appearance of expression lines. There is no lack of vitamin E, which is why it serves  as an antioxidant, too.

The slime used in the preparation of the serum is the result of manual extraction, in full respect of the snail. As already mentioned above, it contains all the elements needed to restore  its lost tone to the skin.

The rapid absorption of the serum is not at all a negligible factor: its texture makes the anti-wrinkle action even more effective in some critical areas of the face.

In addition to enjoying the smoothing of wrinkles, regular users of this anti-ageing product can benefit from a very deep antioxidant action meant to provide nutrition to the skin while protecting it from advancing age.

Another undeniable advantage of snail slime face serum by Nuvò Cosmetic is its ability to adapt to all skin types.

An effective aid against the signs of ageing

Snail slime serum allows the skin to be prepared for the subsequent treatments in your skincare routine. This is why it is a good habit to apply a few drops in the morning, before using a day cream, and in the evening, before applying a night cream. In fact, the face serum is perfect for intensifying the effects of the ordinary treatments that are part of your daily routine.

By using the Nuvò serum in combination with other products of the same line, anyone can give their skin a second youthfulness. The particularly light texture, resulting from the absence of fatty components, and the richness of active ingredients of natural origin are a guarantee of quality and effectiveness.

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