Cellulite: what it is, causes and remedies

Cellulite is a common skin condition that affects many people, mostly women, regardless of age or physical constitution (yes, even thin people can suffer from it!).

But what exactly is cellulite? What are the causes and what remedies are available to reduce its appearance?

In this article, we'll explore the nature of cellulite, looking at its causes, factors that can contribute to its occurrence, and ways to reduce it. Among the various remedies available, we will take a closer look at one possible solution: the anti-cellulite cream with snail slime and caffeine.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin imperfection caused by numerous and different processes that affect not only the adipose tissue (fat), but also the circulatory system (microcirculation) and the skin on the surface.

In most cases it is a predominantly female imperfection that affects the lower limbs (hips, buttocks, thighs and knees), but also the abdomen and, in rare cases, the upper limbs.

It strikes regardless of age and fitness.

Skin with cellulite is characterized by irregular dimples : hence the classic definition of " orange peel skin ".

What are the causes of cellulite?

There are many factors at the origin of this annoying blemish. Among them there are some defined as "predisposing factors", such as:

  • Genetic factors : hormonal activity, capillary fragility or poor circulation.
  • Hormonal factors : excessive estrogen activity leading to water retention.
  • Vascular causes : slowing of blood circulation.

Then there are others defined as "triggering factors", such as:

  • Stress : A hectic lifestyle or poor night rest certainly do not help the general well-being of our body.
  • Bad eating habits : A diet rich in fats and sugars and the abuse of alcohol overload the body with waste products and worsen the imperfections caused by cellulite.
  • Bad behavioral habits : Sitting cross-legged for a long time, wearing clothes that are too tight, often wearing high heels are behaviors that worsen the microcirculation and affect cellulite.
  • Sedentary lifestyle . The absence of physical activity negatively affects the general state of our body and, in particular, cellulite.
  • Taking the contraceptive pill .
  • Pregnancy . Period of hormonal "revolution" and of great physical changes which often leads to the appearance, or worsening, of cellulite.
  • Weight gain and, above all, the yo-yo effect (the continuous alternation between ideal weight and overweight) are a great stress for the body, which affects the general well-being of the body, the skin and the imperfections caused by cellulite.

Does cellulite change over time?

Almost all women are familiar with this annoying blemish that often occurs at a young age. If left untreated, it evolves over time: from a slight blemish it becomes really difficult to treat and, above all, to eliminate.

We can, in general, divide the evolution of cellulite into 4 stages:

  • 1st stage : Fluids begin to accumulate and orange peel skin appears, visible however only by pinching the skin between the hands. This is the time to start treating cellulite to keep it from getting worse.
  • 2nd stage : The circulation slows down and edema forms, i.e. an accumulation of liquids which is not drained and can also be seen by pressing a finger on the affected part. Aesthetically, the "mattress skin" appears, with the typical "dimples" that characterize cellulite.
  • 3rd stage : The connective tissue increases, the adipose tissue hardens and the skin loses elasticity. This stage is characterized by the appearance of orange peel skin, visible even without pinching the skin between the fingers or hands.
  • 4th stage : The mattress skin is increasingly evident, the tissue becomes hard, deprived of water, and large nodules appear, while the skin surface is sore and cold. Try not to get to this stage, very difficult to treat.

Cellulite is not the same for all women

women with cellulite

Cellulite does not always appear the same on all women.

Let's see what forms it can take:

  • Compact cellulite : typical of very young people and almost totally invisible. It only becomes apparent by pinching the skin and has the best room for improvement. It also affects subjects in good physical shape and with poorly mobile muscles.
  • Soft or flaccid cellulite : it is localized on the inside of the thighs and arms. In the affected tissues, the fluctuation of the part during walking or when moving from a lying to an upright position is noted.
  • Edematous cellulite : characterized by the presence of liquid stagnation which gives the tissues a swollen and spongy appearance and causes pain to the touch. It is often associated with the compact one. It is always associated with poor venous and lymphatic circulation of the lower limbs. It is very painful to touch.

A correct lifestyle is essential

Many of the factors that cause cellulite, especially the predisposing ones, are beyond our control.

We can't do anything about genetic or family causes, but we can intervene on two important factors that negatively affect cellulite: water retention and bad circulation.

So what can we actually do?

It is necessary to adopt a correct lifestyle that includes:

  • a healthy, regular and balanced diet, with an adequate intake of fruit and vegetables and the limitation of salt and all foods that can cause water retention;
  • Avoid clothing that is too tight which can impede blood circulation;
  • Limit overweight, through a diet low in fats and sugars;
  • Practice constant and regular physical activity;
  • Avoid maintaining incorrect positions for too long, such as legs crossed;
  • Drink plenty of water during the day to help eliminate liquids;
  • Avoid the abuse of smoking, alcohol and sugary drinks which increase water retention and worsen circulation;
  • do not use too high heels and shoes that are too tight, because they could hinder normal blood circulation.

A lifestyle that adopts all these simple rules is the basis for a "healthy" fight against cellulite blemishes.

Sport as an ally

A sedentary life is cellulite's best friend, while sport is an irreplaceable ally in the fight against this blemish.

Giving up a sedentary lifestyle and starting to dedicate at least 1 hour 3 days a week to training is what you need to start seeing changes in your body.

Among all sports, swimming is particularly suitable, especially swimming with fins: it is a complete sport and effectively stimulates the circulation of the legs. Also recommended is a brisk walk in the open air or a nice ride.

For a shock treatment , on the other hand, it is better to focus on targeted training for the legs and buttocks , to be done in the gym with weights and tools, so as to stimulate the areas affected by cellulite to the maximum.

Cellulite in pregnancy

During pregnancy it is highly probable that cellulite will get worse (if already present) or appear for the first time: this is mainly due to the change in the hormonal balance .

The tendency to lead a more sedentary lifestyle is also one of the factors that influence the appearance of cellulite.
The fundamental advice, once again, is to limit as much as possible foods that can promote water retention or weight gain.

The recommended physical activity in this phase is low intensity, but constant: long walks or swimming. The specific water gymnastic courses for pregnant women are very effective.

During pregnancy it is possible to use creams, which however do not contain thyroid hormones or iodine, which could interfere with thyroid metabolism. Green light instead to creams and oils with simple formulas, which hydrate and maintain the elasticity of the tissues, such as sweet almond oil or wheat germ oil, which also protect against stretch marks .

However, we always recommend asking your gynecologist for advice, who will be able to evaluate every situation and advise you for the best.

A last suggestion is to wear special graduated compression tights : they promote blood circulation and give a sense of lightness to the legs.

Can self-massage help against cellulite?

The self-massage that we can do independently and comfortably at home is also very useful.

First of all we need a good anti-cellulite cream , rich in ingredients that help reactivate the microcirculation, to be applied with a circular massage about twice a day. It may also help to follow these small precautions when applying the cream:

  • Take a shower , so that the skin is free from impurities and residues of a previously applied cream.
  • Start the massage from the bottom up , from the calves to the thigh area. The advice is to proceed in the direction of the heart, therefore with upward movements, to promote circulation. It is good to insist on the area that goes from the knee to the thighs, because that is where cellulite is most concentrated.
  • In case of cellulite also on the stomach , the massage in this area must be light and circular.
  • In the most critical points it is possible to use the knuckles to obtain a more effective massage, always being very careful not to exert too much pressure to avoid painful sensations.

The secret of self-massage lies in the constancy of execution: make the massage part of your daily beauty routine .

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Natural remedies for cellulite

Are there natural remedies to combat cellulite blemishes?

Surely the best natural remedies are two:

  • Follow a healthy diet , low in fat and salt, rich in fiber and water. we recommend introducing the consumption of berries into your diet: they are rich in substances that improve blood circulation.
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and practice healthy and regular physical activity.

We can combine these two simple rules with the habit of drinking herbal teas . In addition to being rich in substances that are important for the body, herbal teas are an excellent way to drink more during the day and promote the diuresis process , draining excess liquids, and cleanse the body of waste products.

Herbal teas against cellulite

Which herbal teas to choose? Here are some tips:

  • Birch and fennel herbal tea : birch leaves are indicated to combat fluid retention, while fennel seeds have a powerful deflating action.
  • Red vine herbal tea : its leaves are famous for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As far as cellulite is concerned, its most important action is the vaso-protective one, protecting the circulatory system and toning the blood vessels.
  • Cherry herbal tea : this fruit is famous for its diuretic and detoxifying properties.
  • Dandelion herbal tea : herb with purifying and anti-inflammatory properties. Promotes the elimination of waste.

Choose the one that's best for you, but remember not to add sugar or other sweeteners .

Caffeine can be an excellent natural ally to counteract cellulite

Coffee and caffeine can help against cellulite

Another natural help comes from coffee . This drink is known for its multiple properties and many anti-cellulite creams on the market contain, among their ingredients, caffeine, which is very effective because it helps drain excess liquids and stimulates the metabolism.

Here are some of the ways caffeine can affect cellulite:

  • Diuretic effect: Caffeine has diuretic properties, which means it can help temporarily reduce swelling and fluid retention in the area affected by cellulite. This can contribute to a smoother looking skin.
  • Circulation Stimulation: Caffeine has the ability to stimulate blood circulation when applied to the skin. Better blood flow can promote the drainage of fluids and fat deposits, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. It is no coincidence that the best anti-cellulite creams contain this precious ingredient (such as Nuvò Cosmetic anti-cellulite cream with snail slime and caffeine ).
  • Toning effect: Caffeine can help improve skin firmness and elasticity. This can make the skin firmer and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Anti-cellulite treatments to do at home?

The treatment that all women can safely do at home is to consistently apply a good anti-cellulite cream . It is advisable to apply the cream at least once or twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening, after a lukewarm shower, because clean skin absorbs the cream more easily and effectively.

How to apply cellulite cream at home:

  • on legs and arms with upward movements to help blood return;
  • on the abdomen in clockwise circular motions to follow the direction of the intestinal tract.

Tricks to enhance the effects of the cellulite cream:

  • Scrub : perform a scrub or peeling of the skin, with specific products or with a horsehair glove, to eliminate dead cells and allow the treatment to penetrate more easily.
  • Self-massage : apply the chosen cream with a massage to help the active ingredients be more effective.

Use mud as an anti-cellulite

All muds consist of 3 parts:

  • Solid (usually clay)
  • Activate (an anti-cellulite principle)
  • Liquid (generally thermal waters rich in substances useful for the well-being of the skin).

Constituted in this way, the muds have a strong targeted action to counteract the imperfections of cellulite , orange peel skin and localized fat deposits.

By what principle do they work?

They have the ability to transfer the active ingredients they contain to the epidermis, but at the same time to absorb the toxins present in excess.
As with the cream, even before applying the mud it is a good rule to take a hot shower to better prepare the skin. The mud must be applied only to the affected area (hips, thighs, abdomen, legs) and the parts covered in mud must be wrapped in food film.

The processing time ranges from 20 to 40 minutes. Subsequently the mud must be eliminated with a tepid shower. Then apply the anti-cellulite cream as usual.

On the other hand, to treat the odious collateral imperfection of cellulite, i.e. water retention, comfortably at home, we can use saline bandages. They consist of bandages soaked in draining substances which attract the liquids retained in the tissues outwards and thus allow excess liquids to be lost.

Useful ingredients for an anti-cellulite cream

Here is a list of ingredients that will help you choose the cream. Check that they are present in the formula of the cream you will choose to use:

  • Caffeine : deflating and draining properties.
  • Vitamin C : essential for the synthesis of collagen and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Ginkgo biloba extracts : from the extract of the leaves of this plant we obtain a phytocomplex rich in beneficial properties on the circulatory system.
  • Centella asiatica : strengthens the walls of blood vessels, making them more elastic and consequently helping peripheral circulation. Very useful to prevent swelling and heaviness in the legs and ankles.
  • Birch : useful for fighting water retention, as it allows you to eliminate excess liquids.
  • Almond oil : for a moisturizing and nourishing effect.

Cream for the treatment of cellulite with snail slime?

Snail slime has countless properties and is a true beauty elixir for the skin. Contains various active ingredients, particularly useful results in the cosmetic world for the preparation of creams, serums and gels for the face, body, neck and décolleté.

Let's look specifically at the most important active ingredients contained in snail slime :

  • Allantoin . Regenerator of the epidermal layers, nourishing and protective.
  • Collagen. Acts as a moisturizer and softener. It makes the skin toned and soft.
  • Glycolic acid . The glycolic acid present in snail slime stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis and promotes the renewal of the epidermis. It also has an exfoliating action, perfect for renewing the skin and making it brighter and more compact.
  • Elastin . Characteristic protein of the skin, to which it guarantees elasticity.
  • Mucopolysaccharides . They ensure proper hydration of the skin and support the tissues.

A cream against cellulite skin that has a high percentage of snail slime in the list of its ingredients therefore has something extra: thanks to it, the skin will be more hydrated, nourished and smoother.

It will no longer be a question of using an anti-cellulite cream, but of using a real beauty treatment for your legs .

Organic cream against cellulite skin

Among the various creams against cellulite that we find on the market, Lipocream by Nuvò Cosmetic is an organic cream (AIAB certified) with hand-extracted snail slime.

It is a cream characterized by a warming effect which enhances the synergy of the 10 active ingredients it contains. Reduces the imperfections of a skin with cellulite.

Let's see specifically the 10 active ingredients present in this cream:

  • Snail slime : protective, film-forming action;
  • Organic camellia oil : helps skin elasticity, hydrates and improves complexion;
  • Brown seaweed : fights localized fat;
  • Almond oil : nourishing and elasticising action;
  • Organic birch extract : prevents and corrects the loss of elastic fibers and stimulates the growth of new collagen. It also has soothing and moisturizing properties;
  • Lemon essential oil : decongestant properties;
  • Organic willow extract : calming and soothing action;
  • Rosehip oil : stimulates skin reconstruction and improves moisture and collagen levels;
  • Caffeine : stimulates microcirculation;
  • Verbena essential oil : oil with antiseptic and emollient properties.
nuvò cosmetic anti-cellulite cream

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